Sophie Fares

Sophie Fares
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 9 - California

Sophie is a 10th grade student and International Baccalaureate  diploma scholar from California. She has experienced wildfires and recognizes the important role evacuation plans play in helping individuals and communities respond to emergencies. Because of this, she believes that disaster preparedness is an essential element of community building.

During her time as a Region 9 YPC member, Sophie has been involved in bringing the Sandy Hook Promise school safety program into her school district. Improving school safety has become increasingly important to Sophie, as school shootings continue to impact communities throughout the nation.

As a Type 1 diabetic, Sophie understands the importance of having access to necessary, life-saving medications during emergencies and evacuations. She participated in a Stanford University study aimed at helping people with diabetes automatically monitor their blood glucose levels using artificial pancreas technology. Sophie is also a member of the Fair Oaks Youth Advisory Board, a youth-oriented program designed to foster leadership skills while building programs and events that benefit the whole community.

In her free time, Sophie enjoys baking, participating in school activities, biking, and going to the library. She worked as a camp counselor during the summer.

Last updated July 13, 2022