Ryan Liu

Ryan Liu
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 6 - Texas

Ryan is an 11th grade student from Texas. His interest in preparedness began after a wildfire destroyed his community in 2011. A decade later, when a winter storm shut off power to his community and other areas of Texas, he participated in a clean water distribution event. These disasters helped Ryan gain a new perspective on emergency preparedness and motivated him to pursue future projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred Ryan to volunteer in many capacities and kindled an interest in public health and epidemiology. He leads his high school’s public health and emergency preparedness volunteer team and is currently working on a project to design and distribute first aid kits for visually impaired and blind students. The kits include large text and Braille instructions, as well as brightly colored tape. Ryan also helped make and distribute face shields for frontline and healthcare workers when personal protective equipment was in short supply.

Beyond his school and community involvement, Ryan also serves as the lead volunteer for the nonprofit WiseOwls Initiative, which he joined when he saw how isolated and depressed seniors became during the pandemic. Through the group, he has made over 500 holiday cards for seniors and special sensory blankets for Alzheimer’s patients.

Ryan enjoys swimming and playing the piano in his spare time.

Last updated July 13, 2022