Perry Tarrant

Perry Tarrant
Office of the Administrator

Director, Office of Law Enforcement and Integration

Perry Tarrant has more than three and a half decades of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Tucson Police Department where he worked assignments in Patrol, Canine, SWAT, and Bomb Squad. He also supervised or commanded these areas as well as Motorcycle Enforcement, Internal Affairs Investigations, Aviation (with a Commercial Pilot Certificate), Homeland Security–Counterterrorism, Emergency Management, and Investigations. He developed strategies to protect communities from transborder drug cartel and gang violence, and shared his knowledge and experience with the City of Yakima, Washington before coming to the Seattle Police Department. Perry presented the future of policing before the NAACP Annual Conference, Washington State Command College, and as the keynote for the 2018 FBI National Academy Associates Annual Conference.

Perry Tarrant is certified as a Community Engagement subject matter expert and Collaborative Reform Generalist under the IACP Collaborative Reform Initiative Technical Assistance Center. Perry was certified as an Incident Commander for FEMA through the National Fire Academy and responded to wildfires and other disasters around the country. He provided support for National Special Security Events such as national political party conventions, G-20 summit, and Unified Command for Super Bowl XLVIII. He is certified as an Incident Commander Trainer through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.

Perry Tarrant went before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee following the shooting of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He continues to be called upon for his law enforcement experience and community policing knowledge. He has addressed subcommittees and caucuses in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on Homeland Security support for local law enforcement, Community Policing, and Civil Rights.

Perry Tarrant provided written testimony to President Obama’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing. He worked with community leaders, city leadership in Ferguson, Missouri and the U.S. Department of Justice through challenges and toward restructuring. He was asked by the President Obama White House to lead a response into Charlotte, NC following a high-profile police shooting. Additionally, he was part of a small law enforcement leadership advisory group assembled by President Obama and Vice President Biden following the shooting of police in Dallas, TX.

Perry Tarrant served on the Executive Board of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) before being elected to lead as its President (2016 and 2017). Perry currently chairs the NOBLE Technology Taskforce dealing with community engagement, officer safety, and effective crime reduction innovation. He authored or contributed knowledge and experience to publications on race and policing, a comprehensive model policy for use of force by law enforcement and corrections, and a criminal justice resource for responding to hate crimes. Perry continues to be a resource for several congressional offices and committees. He has been described as a consummate policing and criminal justice reformer for human rights for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Asst. Chief Tarrant received his Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a Leadership Emphasis from Northern Arizona University, and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Minor in Counterterrorism & Human Migration) from The University of Arizona. He also has a Criminal Justice Graduate Studies Certificate from the University of Virginia, and a Certificate of Study in Human Trafficking from The Ohio State University. He was Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University, and continues to be invited as a guest lecturer (recently receiving the President’s Award – Morgan State University).

Perry cofounded the Greater Seattle Security Council comprised of corporate security and area law enforcement for community safety. In 2017 Perry was awarded the Robert Lamb Humanitarian Jr. Award and was recognized by The University of Arizona Alumni Association as the 2017 Trailblazer. In 2013, Perry was also celebrated for making a difference in his community. He had previously received recognition as a mentor and role model for young men. Locally, he is a member of two organizations focused on youth mentoring and is a board member of a third organization helping youth turn their lives around.

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