Miles Butler

Miles Butler
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 10 - Idaho

Miles is a high school graduate from Idaho returning for his second year on the YPC. He is passionate about community-based projects and events that allow him to meet directly with people, teach them about the importance of preparedness, and inspire them to incorporate preparedness strategies into their lives.

Miles also served on the FEMA Region 10 YPC. During his time there, he devoted himself to learning from other members and building cooperative relationships that he hopes will lead to meaningful progress in the preparedness community. With Region 10’s YPC Miles also hosted several virtual youth preparedness workshops to educate his peers about the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to his involvement on the YPC, Miles has worked for two years at the food pantry in his hometown to directly help people who have been affected by emergencies and has volunteered his time with the American Red Cross. At school, he has been involved in the Sustainability Committee and the National Honors Society. He has also spent several hours a week volunteering in his community garden.

In his free time, Miles enjoys gardening, fostering animals, reading philosophy, and volunteering. He has six cats, three puppies, and two birds.

Last updated July 13, 2022