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Michael Casey

Michael Casey

Director, Technological Hazards Division

Michael S. ("Mike") Casey was born in New Haven, CT. He holds degrees from Southern Connecticut State University, Providence College, Army Command and General Staff College, and Salve Regina University. A combat veteran, Mike served at sea and overseas in Surface Warfare and Special Technical Operations billets during a twenty-year Navy career, retiring as Commander in 1998.

Mike joined Graceland University in 1998 as Academic Dean and Vice Provost. In 2002, he became a tenured Professor of Humanities. He retired in 2009.

Mike joined Defense Information Systems Agency in 2010 as Chief of Human Resource Development. Mike joined General Services Administration in 2013 as Chief Leaming Officer and Director of Talent Development. He was a member of the Interagency Chief Leaming Officers Council and the White House's executive workgroup on federal employee engagement.

In 2016, Mike was selected for the Senior Executive Service and joined Federal Emergency Management Agency as Chief Leaming Officer and Deputy Chief Component Human Capital Officer for Talent Management. In 2018, Mike assumed the position of Director, Technological Hazards Division in FEMA's National Preparedness Directorate. Mike also chairs the Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee (FRPCC.)

Mike resides in Odenton, l\ID. With Alexandria, his wife, he has two sons, Colin and Cameron, a daughter-in-law, Cassandra, and two grandchildren, Elaine and Paul.

Last updated June 3, 2020