Meher Harjani

Meher Harjani
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 2 - New Jersey

Meher, a 12th grade student from New Jersey, joined the YPC because it blends her interests in public policy, social justice, and environmental studies. While on the YPC, Meher wants to explore her interest in vulnerable communities’ access to preparedness and disaster relief resources. She’s also excited to learn about how a government agency like FEMA functions.

In the aftermath of the damage left behind by Hurricane Ida in 2021, Meher joined others in helping small businesses pick up glass, sweep floors, and salvage whatever was not broken. The experience helped her see how a community can come together to support those affected by a disaster. This sparked an interest in finding ways to implement more student-led initiatives in response to disasters, especially in helping communities that are at risk of being disproportionately affected better prepare.

At school, Meher is captain of the debate team, which has taught her how to communicate differences in thinking and articulate arguments—skills she now teaches to middle schoolers as a debate coach. Additionally, Meher is a member of leadership boards for the Amnesty International and feminist clubs at her school.

In her spare time, Meher enjoys taking long walks, making breakfast foods, and drinking bubble tea.

Last updated July 13, 2022