Kemi Heyward-Rotimi

Kemi Heyward-Rotimi
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 4 - North Carolina

Kemi is an 11th grade student from North Carolina with a passion for promoting disaster preparedness in marginalized and vulnerable communities. Kemi is particularly interested in using his time on the YPC to bridge the preparedness gap in these communities by ensuring that preparedness efforts are inclusive and equitable.

Through his involvement with Duke University’s Talent Identification Program in 2018, Kemi began to understand the long-lasting impacts natural disasters can have on communities and individuals and focused his work on hurricane preparedness. Kemi has demonstrated his commitment to equity in public service through other work, including conducting a study on the school-to-prison pipeline, expanding his school’s sex education curriculum to be more inclusive, and reducing food insecurity and waste in his community.

In addition to creating a more equitable and inclusive world, Kemi is interested in art, acting, music, advocacy, stuffed animals, rocks, and The Terminator.

Last updated July 13, 2022