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Janice Barlow

Janice Barlow
Regional Administrators

Deputy Region 3 Administrator

Janice Barlow is responsible to the regional administrator for the day-to-day direction, management and monitoring of all FEMA Region 3 programs and activities. She also serves as a liaison assisting state and local government officials, other federal agencies, FEMA headquarters and other FEMA regions. Janice has been with DHS for over 17 years, becoming deputy regional administrator in September of 2018.

Prior to her current position, Janice led the Region 3 Mitigation Division from October 2017 until August 2018. In that role, Janice provided guidance and direction to state and local governments, non-government organizations, and citizen groups within FEMA Region 3 to increase the region’s resilience to all hazards and focus on messaging the importance of insurance for individual preparedness.

Janice started her career with FEMA Region 3 in December of 2002 as the regional training manager and continued in that role until she was given the opportunity as the emergency analyst in July 2008. She remained in that role until November 2010, when she became the Grants Division director. During her seven years as the Grants director, Janice helped to establish the region’s new emergency analyst and regional training manager. She has supported several response operations, as a Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) Chief and deployed to support Joint Field Office operations.

Prior to FEMA, Janice was the director of operations at Galaxy Scientific Corporation, and a project manager for Lockheed Martin Services. Janice’s experience also includes 10 years as an ordnance officer in the U.S. Army with assignments as a maintenance shop officer, leading 200 soldiers providing support to an armored division. As a company commander, she commanded 320 soldiers responsible for training all of the U.S Army’s automotive and tank mechanics.

Janice Barlow attained a B.S. in Biology from Fairfield University, an M.A. in Zoology from Connecticut College, and an M.Ed. in Instructional Systems from Penn State.

Last updated Jun 25, 2020

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