Isaac Doll

Isaac Doll
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 8 - Colorado

Isaac is a freshman at Montana State University returning for his second year on the YPC. A Colorado native with a passion for giving back to his community, Isaac sees the YPC as a great opportunity to improve the ways communities prepare for emergencies. He is especially interested in learning more about the intersection between psychology and preparedness.

During his time on the YPC, Isaac has worked with other members to improve access to resources in underserved communities in their regions. Prior to the YPC, Isaac created his own emergency preparedness program, the “Pillow Pack Project,” where he helps children collect emergency resources in pillowcases.  In addition to presenting the program to several local elementary schools, he also helped facilitate fire drills for his school and community.

Isaac has also spent several years volunteering at food banks and low-income daycares. For most of his life, Isaac has been passionate about mental health, especially as it relates to trauma. He hopes his second year on the YPC gives him the opportunity to explore this further by preparing citizens for the psychological effects disasters may cause.

In his free time, Isaac enjoys football, hiking, and reading. He spends time outdoors and is always up for an adventure.

Last updated July 13, 2022