Daniel C. McElhinney

Daniel C. McElhinney
Regional Administrators

Region 1 Deputy Administrator (Acting)

Mr. McElhinney is currently serving in the role of Acting Deputy Regional Administrator for FEMA Region 1, consisting of the six New England states.

In his regular position, Mr. McElhinney serves as the Federal Preparedness Coordinator and National Preparedness Division Director for Region 1; he is also one of FEMA’s Advisors assigned to NATO’s Civil-Military Planning and Support Section (formerly: Civil Emergency Preparedness Directorate).

The Federal Preparedness Coordinator is the regional lead for the development of external relationships with traditional and non-traditional partners to enhance and build preparedness, capability and sustainable emergency management programs.  He provides leadership, direction, guidance and coordination to jurisdictions, fire departments, non-governmental organizations, private sector and citizen groups within the Region in developing, planning and implementing FEMA Preparedness Programs.

Mr. McElhinney has deployed on four NATO Advisory Support Team missions to Azerbaijan, Georgia, The Former Republic of Macedonia and Jordan.  Dan was an Advisor and Rapporteur for the MODEX 2018 in Romania.  Dan provided advice and edits to Georgian Law on Civil Protection – “Law on Emergency Management Service” (EMS); the Iraqi National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures; the Ukrainian “Green Paper” on Critical Infrastructure Protection a precursor to their national policy and framework on CIP and provided similar support the NATO’s paper on Hybrid Warfare Against CIP.  He was a lecturer at NATO’s Center of Excellence-Defense Against Terrorism’s Critical Infrastructure Protection from Terrorist Attack Courses (2014 & 2015); a presenter and moderator for the CEP 2011 Seminar in Budapest Hungry; and served on the Comprehensive NATO CBRN Defense Concept writing team. He has also supported the USACE CMEPO program in Montenegro.

Dan is currently serving as the Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer (DFCO) for COVID 19 for the Six New England States and 10 Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.  He is listed as FQS – Operations Branch Director (Level II) and as a Liaison Officer, his emergency assignment is State Liaison Officer for the State of the New Hampshire.  Throughout his career he has served in a variety of emergency assignments including: Deputy FCO, Chief of Staff for the Emergency Response Team- National (RED TEAM), Area Field Office Coordinator, Task Force DMORT Coordinator, and State/County Liaison. Mr. McElhinney has been a guest lecturer/instructor at the Naval War College, Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS), UMASS Boston’s Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters, and the Emergency Management Institute.  He has also mentored and advised two PhD. candidates to successfully complete their research and courses of study.

Before joining FEMA, Mr. McElhinney spent 12 years on active duty in the Army serving in a variety of positions involving operational, planning, emergency response, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare and inspection general programs.  He is a retired Colonel in the Army Reserve; his last duty assignment was as the Deputy Chief of Staff G6 Chief Information Officer for the 94th RRC. 

Mr. McElhinney has been a volunteer firefighter, mountain and cold weather rescue team member, and CERT Team member.

He holds a degree from Norwich University and is a graduate of the Battalion/Brigade Commanders’ Course, the United States Army Command and General Staff College, the Senior Officers Nuclear Accident Course, and the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Course. 

Last updated December 2, 2022