Beitris Boyreau-Millar

Beitris Boyreau-Millar
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 3 - Maryland

Beitris is a 12th grade student in Maryland who has learned firsthand about the importance of preparing for emergencies. She previously lived in Alaska, where she became involved in disaster preparedness in 2018 after a 7.1 earthquake hit her community and triggered a tsunami warning. Prior to this, Beitris also experienced Hurricane Sandy while living in Virginia. Living through these natural disasters and witnessing the role preparedness played in them inspired her to become involved in the preparedness community.

This is Beitris’s second year on the national YPC. During her first year, she worked on a team to develop and present a webinar and informational pamphlet focusing on summer safety for students. She also created a podcast that covers preparedness topics for youth. While in Alaska, Beitris attended FEMA Region 10’s disaster preparedness summer camp and spent a year on the FEMA Region 10 YPC. On the regional council, Beitris worked on projects promoting COVID-19 awareness and travel safety, sharing examples from her family's experience with Hurricane Sandy and the tsunami evacuation. 

Beitris is also interested in pet preparedness and climate change. Since moving to Maryland, Beitris has become active in her school’s Red Cross Club, Environmental Club, and Ocean Bowl team. Additionally, she runs a tutoring program for middle schoolers and helped create two non-profits, Sports 4 Students and Karing 4 Kenya.

In her free time, Beitris volunteers for Special Olympics and enjoys volleyball and musical theater.

Last updated July 13, 2022