Aubrey Dockins

Aubrey Dockins
Youth Preparedness Council

Region 4 - Florida

Aubrey is a 12th grade student from Florida currently completing an Advanced International Certificate of Education diploma, a rigorous program that allows students to enter college with 30 hours of credit. Living in a hurricane-prone state, emergency preparedness has always been important to Aubrey.

This is Aubrey’s second year on the YPC. During her first year, she participated in a team project to help increase access to preparedness resources by building a website that compiles information and materials and organizes them in a more accessible way. In her role on this team, Aubrey designed preparedness activities for kids, and she is currently involved in a local program that teaches teenagers and young adults what to do in the event of a disaster. She aims to expand on the impact of this program by focusing on making preparedness resources more accessible for people with disabilities. Aubrey hopes her time on the YPC gives her a chance to scale these efforts and interests nationally.

Aubrey has also led preparedness meetings for Girl Scout troops and stays up to date on preparedness by taking FEMA’s independent study courses. She is interested in marching band and history and spends hours each week pursuing these interests.

Last updated July 13, 2022