Printing Instructions for Policy Information by State and Claim Information by State

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This page explains the best way to print out a hardcopy of the Policy Information by State and Claim Information by State documents.

These files total over 200 printed pages each if printed directly from your web browser. If you wish to print specific information only, instead of the entire file, we suggest you copy the information into Notepad and print that document. Below are detailed instructions to assist with printing the desired information from Notepad. Please note: These instructions will not work in Microsoft Word: the column format will be lost.

  1. Open the desired file
  2. Highlight (or block) the text you would like to print
  3. Click EDIT on the toolbar
  4. Click COPY
  5. Return to the Start menu open Programs then Notepad (usually found under Accessories)
  6. Click EDIT on the Notepad toolbar
  7. Click PASTE; the copied text should appear in the window
  8. Click FILE
  9. Click PAGE SETUP
  10. Select Landscape under Orientation
  11. Click OK
  12. Click FILE
  13. Click PRINT

Your document has been sent to the printer.

Last Updated: 
11/09/2018 - 11:10