FEMA Awards $110 Million to Oregon to Support Vaccination Efforts

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March 8, 2021

BOTHELL, Wash. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded $110 million in federal funding to assist the Oregon Health Authority (0HA) and partners in operating dozens of COVID-19 vaccination centers throughout the state.

In coordination with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, FEMA obligated this initial $110,082,859 at 100 percent federal cost share to support the state of Oregon to cover the costs of emergency activities, including labor, contract services, security, refrigeration, supplies, equipment, and facility rentals.

"These expedited funds are critical in the effort to ensure that our partners are able to provide vaccine access to residents of Oregon,” said FEMA Region 10 Acting Administrator Vincent J. Maykovich.

The FEMA-supported vaccination centers will have the capability to administer more than 2 million vaccines during the operational period of 90 days.

Grants for emergency protective measures are funded through FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program, which reimburses communities for actions taken for response and recovery from a disaster. FEMA reimbursement is paid directly to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, which then makes disbursements to the local and tribal jurisdictions and state agencies that incurred costs.

“We are incredibly grateful for the continued partnership amongst hospitals, medical providers, volunteer organizations and so many others who have come together to help Oregon though this historic vaccination effort” said Director of the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, Andrew Phelps, “the Administration’s approval of our requested cost-share adjustment to 100 percent helps to ensure the cost of vaccinating Oregonians will not be a barrier to our recovery.” 

FEMA has streamlined the Public Assistance application and reimbursement process for the COVID-19 response in order to get funds to applicants faster. Expedited reimbursements help state, local, and tribal officials respond quickly to address immediate threats to life, public health, and safety.  

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