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DR-4672-AK NR-006
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November 29, 2022

Anchorage, Alaska – If you applied for assistance with FEMA, you need to stay in touch to update the agency with any new information, particularly your housing situation. It is important to keep FEMA informed if you experience any changes in insurance and contact information as soon as possible and as often as necessary. FEMA may need to contact you, and missing or wrong information could delay the delivery of assistance. When contacting FEMA, keep handy the nine-digit number assigned to you when you applied.

FEMA encourages you to always reach out to get answers to your questions. You can ask about the status of your application or other topics ranging from home inspections to information on appealing FEMA’s eligibility determination or adding the name of someone to speak for the applicant.

Here is how to keep in touch with FEMA:

  • Login or create an account at;
  • Call the Alaska-based FEMA hotline at 1-866-342-1699. For TTY users, dial 711. For TTY users with an out-of-state area code, dial 1-800-770-8973 for Alaska Relay; or,
  • Download the FEMA mobile app

When contacting FEMA, be sure to refer to the application number you were issued when you applied. This number is included in all correspondence you get from FEMA.

If you have not yet applied for FEMA help, please do so before Dec. 6, 2022.


For more information about FEMA’s support to Alaska’s severe storms, flooding and landslide recovery, visit the FEMA Disaster Site. Follow FEMA Region 10 on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

FEMA’s mission is helping people before, during, and after disasters.

FEMA is committed to providing equal access to our programs and services without discrimination. If you require a reasonable accommodation, call or text 907-727-6221 or email You can also let staff know you require an accommodation such as spoken language resources, mobility assistance, or sign language interpreting services. If you feel you have experienced discrimination, call the FEMA Civil Rights Resource line at 833-285-7448 or 800-462-7585 (TTY/TDD) or email:

Last updated December 1, 2022