FEMA Sponsored Art Installation Opens to Denver Community

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May 22, 2021

DENVER - A new installation entitled Community Forms by artist Matt Barton opened to the public today. The work was partially funded by a grant from FEMA under its ArtWorks initiative, which seeks to inform and educate the public about hazard mitigation through the arts.

Mitigation is taking steps to minimize the threat of natural or man-made hazards.  Simple examples include adding downspouts to direct rainfall from gutters away from a home or removing trees and vegetation to create defensible space against wildfires.

“The vision of FEMA ArtWorks is to inspire conversations about how our built environment can be affected by flooding and other natural hazards.” said FEMA Region 8 Acting Administrator Nancy Dragani. “We hope that as people enjoy this work of art, they will also think about how flood water can impact their own homes and lives.”

Community Forms is located on the TAXI campus in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood near the South Platte River.  The artwork consists of a collection of form concrete structures that can serve as gathering spots and a place for free-form play.  The design also serves to redirect runoff water from rainstorms or snowmelt toward the river.  There is also interpretive signage in place describing the history of flooding on the South Platte and how individuals can be better prepared for future floods.

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