Resolve to be Disaster Ready in 2022

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December 27, 2021

CHICAGO – As we gather with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season and ring in the New Year, consider committing to a resolution for 2022 that could save your life and protect your home – resolve to be ready for disasters. 

“It only takes a few simple steps, and it starts with understanding the unique disaster risks in your community and making a family emergency communications plan,” said Moises Dugan, acting regional administrator, FEMA Region 5. “Sit down with the members of your household now and talk about the disasters that could impact your area. Ensure everyone knows the shelter plan and evacuation routes, as well as how your family will reconnect if something happens.”

Consider taking these additional preparedness steps too, and resolve to be disaster ready for 2022:

  • Make an emergency kit. These portable kits should include food, water, medications, prescriptions, cash, radios, flashlights and other necessities. It is also recommended that you have hand sanitizer and face masks included in your kit, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Keep an emergency kit in your car in case you are stranded and include an extra set of clothing and blankets for the winter months.
  • Sign-up for emergency alerts for your area. It’s important to know how to get information when a disaster happens. Local radio and television stations provide information on how to stay safe and find temporary shelter.
  • Budget for a disaster.  Financially prepare for the new year. Find out how with the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit. Start to grow an emergency fund today so you can cover any unexpected changes in your day-to-day life.
  • Check your insurance policies. Understand what your policies cover in case of major disasters and talk to your agent to make sure you’re adequately insured against the risks you may face. Snap pictures of your property and make an inventory. Having a clear record of what you own will make the insurance process easier. 
  • Protect your valuables. Store precious belongings, such as photographs or heirlooms, in damage proof containers so you don’t risk losing them permanently. Also keep copies of your critical documents safe and secure in case of emergency.

Visit for more information on how you can resolve to be ready. 

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FEMA's mission is helping people before, during, and after disasters.

Last updated January 3, 2022