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What to Expect at the Norfolk, VA Military Circle Mall Vaccination Site

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April 9, 2021

Norfolk, Virginia — Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine at the FEMA supported Community Vaccination Center located at the Military Circle Mall is hassle free, quick and easy. Pre-registered residents and those who register onsite can expect a streamlined process that ensures equity and accessibility for all.

On the day of their appointment, residents need to bring documentation that provides proof of their name, which will be used to confirm their appointment.

Next, people move on to one of many vaccination pods where dedicated medical staff from the Department of Defense administer the lifesaving vaccine. After a brief waiting period, residents are free to go. They will be given a date for their second dose and will receive additional instructions from the Virginia Department of Health via email or phone call to confirm their second appointment.

“The line moved quickly and the whole process was seamless. I work in customer service and I recognize excellent client care when I see it. I was very pleasantly surprised,” said Janice Cirillo of Hampton.

Mr. Josh Brown of Norfolk also received his vaccine at the Military Circle Mall, watch more here: What to Expect at a Community Vaccination Center - YouTube

Social distancing measures are strictly enforced throughout the process and everyone entering the site must wear a face covering at all times.

All community members who have pre-registered or registered onsite are welcome at the vaccination center. Reasonable accommodation for people with access and functional needs is available as well as information and onsite interpretation in a variety of languages, including American Sign Language.

“We are committed to supporting the Commonwealth with its goal of vaccinating Virginians from all nearby communities. The center is conveniently located, and our teams are ready to assist as we continue this historic effort,” said FEMA Region 3 Regional Administrator (A) Janice Barlow.

The Community Vaccination Center serves residents by appointment only from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Those interested in receiving their COVID-19 vaccine can register online at vaccinate.virginia.gov or they may call 1-877-829-4682.  They may also register at the center every day from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Same day appointments are limited.

To date, more than 12,000 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered at this FEMA-supported site.

For more on the ongoing vaccination efforts in Virginia, visit fema.gov/disaster/4512 or vaemergency.gov.



Last updated April 9, 2021