FACT SHEET - Recovery at a Glance - Bay County

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DR-4399-FL FS 050 – BAY COUNTY
Release Date:
April 26, 2019

As of April 22, unless otherwise noted

Since the federal disaster declaration for Hurricane Michael, Bay County residents have received nearly $655.4 million in federal funds:

  • 30,955 individuals and households have been approved for nearly $85 million in federal grants through FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program.
  • 2,068 flood insurance claims have been filed. An estimated $105.4 million in claims have been paid. (As of April 2)
  • Nearly $465 million in U.S. Small Business Administration low-interest disaster loans have been approved for 7,672 homeowners and renters and 776 businesses.

Housing Assistance:

  • More than $32.7 million in grants have been approved for basic housing repairs for 6,076 homeowners.
  • 46,564 home inspections have been issued with 100 percent completed.
  • 13,616 survivors have not provided FEMA with the necessary information from their insurance settlements to complete their disaster assistance registration.
  • Through Disaster Survivor Assistance outreach more than 53,000 survivors were connected with disaster resources and recovery partners for needs beyond what FEMA can provide.
  • 14,746 homeowners and renters have been approved for rental assistance.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installed 5,269 blue roofs in Bay County, representing 5,269 families who can live in their homes while they make permanent repairs.
  • 649 households have been licensed-in in Bay County under FEMA’s Direct Temporary Housing Assistance program. Working with Florida Division of Emergency Management, Bay County and Volunteer Florida, debris is being cleared from private and commercial sites.

Debris Removal:

  • More than 18.8 million cubic yards of debris has been removed in Bay County.

Outreach to Survivors:

  • The disaster recovery center at the Bay County Public Library opened Oct. 27 and closed March 16 after assisting 17,478 visitors.
  • A Community Recovery Center opened March 18 at the Bay County Public Library. The center, which promotes the ability of the Bay County community to tailor recovery programs, resources and services to its population’s unmet needs, has assisted 1,625 visitors.



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