Coordinated Place Based Recovery Support

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March 1, 2018

The Coordinated Place Based Recovery Support (CPBRS) team provides a framework for organizing and delivering federal, state, and private sector recovery resources in support of local recovery leadership in Collier, Hendry, Lee and Monroe counties. The purpose of the CPBRS teams is to help communities get disaster recovery projects to the implementation stage, with the goal of improving community disaster resilience.

Coordinated Place Based Recovery Support teams will help identify critical steps and resources for project implementation, including technical assistance and funding sources, grant timelines, data collection and analysis, timelines, milestones, training and project management requirements.

The level of interagency support is determined by analyzing disaster impacts, coordinating with local, state and federal partners, and assessing existing local pre- and post-disaster conditions. The teams will work directly with county departments to develop an implementation roadmap for critical recovery projects.

The process commenced with kick-off meetings in each of the four counties. FEMA and State disaster recovery leadership met with county leadership and department heads, who provided county recovery priorities. CPBRS teams will embed in each of the counties and work directly with county staff who would benefit most from this enhanced level of community-focused support.

The Coordinated Place Based Recovery Support teams are comprised of staff from FEMA Community Planning & Capacity Building, Environmental & Historic Preservation, and Hazard Mitigation, with remote support from Florida Departments of Emergency Management and Economic Opportunity. The teams have direct reach back to multiple federal agencies, including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USDA Rural Development, Economic Development Administration, DHS-Office of Infrastructure Protection, Department of Interior, Environmental Protection Agency Office of Sustainability, Housing and Urban Development, and Health and Human Services.

The targeted timeframe for CPBRS support is four to six months, with the goal of providing a project development strategy for locally-implemented projects. FEMA Region IV staff and steady-state federal partner offices will continue to support as projects move to implementation.

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