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Photos of Federally Supported Community Vaccination Center Opening

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WASHINGTON—Acting FEMA Administrator Bob Fenton attended the opening of the first Community Vaccination Center in California yesterday—at California State University in Los Angeles, as another pilot Community Vaccination Center also opened yesterday in Oakland, California. Both centers are focusing on vaccinating underserved and historically marginalized communities and are designed to administer up to 6,000 vaccines a day. FEMA is providing resources as well as operational and federal staffing support.

"We've taken the idea of these [centers] from the drawing board to implementation in a matter of weeks, and this is the first of many [centers] we want to establish in partnership with state, tribes, territories, and local governments,” said Fenton. "On a pilot basis, FEMA is providing support to open new, large vaccination [centers] that are substantially staffed and supported by the federal government, with support from our state partners."

So far, FEMA has announced additional pilot centers in Texas and New York to open in the coming weeks.

FEMA has now obligated more than $3.39 billion to states, tribes, territories and Washington, D.C., for community vaccination centers. As the number of states with obligations increases, we will work alongside other federal agencies to provide federal support for critical staffing, supplies and other shortfalls that can help get more people vaccinated.

Leaders Tour California Vaccination Center

Acting FEMA administrator and staff standing around talking at a vaccination center

LOS ANGELES -- Acting FEMA Administrator Bob Fenton (center, right) and California Governor Gavin Newsom (center, left), tour the Cal State University Community Vaccination Center with other state and local community leaders.

FEMA photo by Alexis Hall

FEMA Supports California Vaccination Center

FEMA workers standing in a parking lot of a vaccination center in CA

LOS ANGELES -- FEMA provides support to the Los Angeles Community Vaccination Center at Cal State University.

FEMA photo by Alexis Hall

Los Angeles Community Vaccination Center

Community vaccination center in Los Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES -- The federally supported Cal State University Community Vaccination Center is now actively administering vaccinations. The vaccination center is equipped to administer up to 6,000 vaccinations per day.

FEMA photo by Alexis Hall

Federal and State Partners Discuss the New Vaccination Center Opening

Acting FEMA Administrator talking to a state partner at a community vaccination center

LOS ANGELES --  Acting FEMA Administrator Bob Fenton (right), speaks with California Governor Gavin Newsom at the new Cal State University Los Angeles Community Vaccination Center.

FEMA photo by  Alexis Hall

Last updated February 17, 2021