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Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program FY 2016 Subapplication Status

This page provides the status of the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) planning and project subapplications that were submitted to FEMA for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 application cycle.

FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs provide funding to protect life and property from future natural disasters. The PDM grant program is designed to implement a sustained pre-disaster natural hazard mitigation program to reduce overall risk to the population and structures from future hazard events, while also reducing reliance on Federal funding in future disasters.

For FY 2016, $100 million was appropriated for PDM. FEMA made available $90 million for grants.  In February 2016, FEMA announced the application period from March 15-June 15, 2016 in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) posted on .

The agency’s priorities for the FY 2016 PDM program are:

  1. The statutory set aside for states, territories and the District of Columbia up to $575,000;
  2. Tribal set aside up to $575,000 per tribe for a total of $10 million;
  3. Mitigation planning from applicants without Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) planning funds available;
  4. Projects from applicants without HMGP regular project funds available in the following order:
    1. Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities (CRMA) including Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), Floodplain and Stream Restoration (FSR), and Flood Diversion and Storage (FDS); and pre- or post-wildfire mitigation activities or any mitigation action that utilizes green infrastructure approaches
    2. Non-flood hazard mitigation projects (e.g., seismic, wildfire, landslide and wind) and non-acquisition/elevation/mitigation reconstruction flood mitigation activities (e.g., stormwater management and flood control measures)

    3. Acquisition, elevation and mitigation reconstruction projects

    4. Generators for critical facilities
  5. Planning from applicants with HMGP planning funds available
  6. Projects from applicants with HMGP regular project funds available in the following order:
    1. CRMA and pre- or post-wildfire mitigation activities or any mitigation action that utilizes green infrastructure approaches
    2. Non-flood hazard mitigation projects and non-acquisition/elevation/mitigation reconstruction flood mitigation activities

    3. Acquisition, elevation and mitigation reconstruction projects

    4. Generators for critical facilities

For the competitive subapplications in priority categories 3 through 6 above, FEMA further prioritized subapplications as follows:

  1. Small, impoverished community status;
  2. FEMA-validated residential or commercial Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) rating, as appropriate to the activity type, from a grade of 1 to 10; and
  3. FEMA-validated Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) for projects.

Applicants were limited to a maximum of 19 subapplications, including no more than eight for mitigation projects and one for management costs up to 10% of the total of their subapplications.  Applicants were required to rank their subapplicants in priority order with the highest ranked subapplication not to exceed $575,000 federal share in order to be eligible for the state and tribal set asides (priorities 1 and 2).

FEMA received 486 subapplications from 79 applicants (25 of which were federally-recognized Indian Tribal Governments) totaling $240 million: 219 planning, 216 projects, and 51 applicant management costs.  FEMA has completed its eligibility review to ensure compliance with HMA Guidance and has made selections based on the agency’s priorities and available funding.  FEMA has identified for further review 291 PDM subapplications from 72 applicants (22 of which are Indian Tribal Governments): 209 planning, 82 projects and associated applicant management costs totaling $90 million.

FEMA selected (identified for further review) all eligible subapplications in priorities 1 through 5.  Eligible subapplications in priority 6 were ranked in order by project type; small, impoverished community status; BCEGS rating; and BCR for selection.  FEMA is unable to fund (not selected) the remaining eligible subapplications in priority 6.

The table below lists the submitted planning and project subapplications and the status of each aphabetically by applicant. Further explanation of the status is provided below the table.


FY16 PDM Subapplication Status
ApplicantSubapplication TitleSubmitted Federal ShareStatus


2016 Pickens County PDM- Safe Rooms


Identified for Further Review

Alabama2016 Madison County AL Community Safe Rooms$232,500.00Identified for Further Review
AlabamaPoarch Band of Creek Indians Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update$3,750.00Identified for Further Review
AlabamaState of Alabama Mitigation Plan Update$224,323.42Identified for Further Review
AlaskaPort of Anchorage Fuel Terminal Relocation Sesimic Resilience $4,000,000.00Identified for Further Review
AlaskaAK2016 PDM New Planning$55,546.87Identified for Further Review
AlaskaPDM 2016 State HMP Update$197,549.62Identified for Further Review
AlaskaPDM 2016 Update LHMPs$93,046.87Identified for Further Review
AlaskaMatanuska River Erosion Mitigation - Butte Area$2,707,575.00Not Selected
AlaskaMatanuska River Erosion Mitigation for Sutton Area$821,437.50Not Selected
Aleut Community of St. Paul IslandAleut Community of St. Paul Island Mitigation Planning $390,585.24Identified for Further Review
Angoon Community AssociationAngoon Community Assoc Tribal HM Plan$125,766.81Identified for Further Review
Aniak Traditional CouncilAniak Multihazard Mitigation Plan $47,418.80Did not meet HMA requirements
Arizona2016-PDM-Santa Cruz-Nogalitos Detention Basin$667,937.58Did not meet HMA requirements
Arizona2016-PDM-Cottonwood-Railroad Wash Drainage Improvement CV$112,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Arizona2016-PDM-AZGS-Enhancing AZ Seismic Hazard Network/Database$234,878.55Did not meet HMA requirements
Arizona2016-PDM-City of Tucson Brushfire Mitigation$431,249.00Identified for Further Review
Arizona2016-PDM-Eagar-Alta Vista$349,040.00Identified for Further Review
Arizona2016-PDM-Taylor Airport Wash$364,394.00Identified for Further Review
Arizona2016-PDM-Apache-Salado$303,837.00Identified for Further Review
Arizona2016-PDM-Phoenix_23rd Avenue / Olney Avenue Detention Basin Project$1,124,527.50Identified for Further Review
Arizona2016-PDM-Town of Snowflake N.Solution$313,941.00Identified for Further Review
Arizona2018 AZ State Mitigation Plan Update$75,000.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasTwo Rivers School District, Elementary School Campus$375,000.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasElkins School District Safe Room$928,360.24Identified for Further Review
ArkansasHoward County Hazard Mitigation Update$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasSevier County Arkansas Hazard Mtigation Plan Update$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasMarion County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasSearcy County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasBoone County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
ArkansasSherwood Jacksonville-Cato Road Elevation$1,282,800.00Not Selected
Barona Band of Mission IndiansBarona Band of Mission Indians Multihazard Mitigation Project $79,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Barona Band of Mission IndiansBarona Band of Mission Indians Emergency Safety Improvements$10,775.97Did not meet HMA requirements
CaliforniaCity of Lompoc Fire Station Seismic Retro Fit$2,831,204.88Did not meet HMA requirements
CaliforniaHumboldt Bay Municipal Water District 12-kV Switchgear Relocation$1,350,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
CaliforniaEast High Line Canal Project$513,996.00Did not meet HMA requirements
CaliforniaCity of San Leandro Shoreline Flood Protection$374,749.07Did not meet HMA requirements
CaliforniaConstruction of Rialto Channel in the City of Rialto in San Bernardino County$4,000,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaPDM16-Aragon ES Seismic Retrofit$2,313,638.25Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaLakeland Village Master Drainage Plan Line H Flood Hazard Reduction Project$1,694,747.25Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaCity of Healdsburg Local Hazard Mitigation Plan$43,440.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaSonoma County Water Agency 2018 LHMP Update$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaCity of Laguna Beach Local Hazard Mitigation Plan$100,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaCity of Petaluma Local Multihazard Mitigation Plan$60,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaFullerton Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$75,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaUpdate LAUSD All-Hazard Mitigation Plan$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaOceano CSD Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016$47,390.94Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaCity of Lynwood Update of Hazards Mitigation Plan$51,562.50Identified for Further Review
CaliforniaWater Transmission Pipeline Seismic Hazard Mitigation- Santa Rosa Creek Crossing$4,000,000.00Not Selected
Cheesh'na Tribal CouncilCheesh’Na Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Development Program$225,000.00Identified for Further Review
Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad RancheriaTrinidad Rancheria Tribal Multi-Hazardous Mitigation Plan Update$135,000.00Identified for Further Review
Choctaw Nation of OklahomaChoctaw Nation Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update & Dissemination Activities$165,000.00Identified for Further Review
ColoradoColorado Springs Wildfire Mitigation Project FY16$1,000,000.00Identified for Further Review
ColoradoDeer Creek Elemt School Fuels Mitigation Bailey, CO$245,186.00Identified for Further Review
ColoradoLos Ranchitos Mitigation Plan $40,493.82Identified for Further Review
ColoradoCity of Boulder Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$50,592.45Identified for Further Review
ColoradoUte Mountain Ute pre mitigation update$40,500.00Identified for Further Review
ColoradoArchuleta County Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan $45,284.70Identified for Further Review
ColoradoCity of Colorado Springs Landslide Property Acquisition$3,999,999.75Not Selected
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw IndiansCTCLUSI Hazard Mitigation Plan$60,639.00Identified for Further Review
ConnecticutDESPP Generator Project$38,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
ConnecticutMilford Point Rd Pump Station Generator$80,193.81Did not meet HMA requirements
ConnecticutCRCOG-PDM2016$300,000.00Identified for Further Review
ConnecticutSouth Central Region: Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$202,500.00Identified for Further Review
ConnecticutMeriden-PDM2016$10,000.05Identified for Further Review
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of IndiansCCBUTI All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update$67,284.00Identified for Further Review
DelawareUniversity of DE Marine Ops Building Dry Floodproofing Lewes, DE 1$574,458.00Identified for Further Review
District of ColumbiaDC Water, SCADA System Installation - Multiple Stormwater Pump Stations$1,339,073.25Did not meet HMA requirements
District of Columbia9th Street and D Street Storm Water Pump Station Mitigation$1,999,563.73Did not meet HMA requirements
District of ColumbiaBlue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Floodwall$2,395,787.25Identified for Further Review
District of ColumbiaDistrict Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
Eastern Band of Cherokee IndiansRisk Assessment of EBCI Critical Facilities$36,646.00Identified for Further Review
FloridaCity of Pompano Beach Wastewater Manhole Inflow Protectors$165,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
FloridaSpringLake Improvement District Pump Station Upgrade$288,119.50Did not meet HMA requirements
FloridaFY2016 PDM - North Miami - Emergency Portable Stormwater Pumps$168,750.00Did not meet HMA requirements
FloridaFY2016 PDM - North Miami - Sanitary Sewer Backup$525,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
FloridaCultural and Historical Resources Hazard Mitigation Plan$120,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
FloridaFY2016 PDM - Monroe County - Fishermen's Community Hospital Mitigation Project$2,986,500.00Identified for Further Review
FloridaCity of Miami Solid Waste Building Wind Retrofits$315,860.15Identified for Further Review
FloridaCorbett Berm $2,686,254.00Identified for Further Review
GeorgiaGeorgia Local Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update #2A$157,500.00Identified for Further Review
GeorgiaGeorgia Local Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update #1A $281,925.00Identified for Further Review
GeorgiaGeorgia Local Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update #2B $155,925.00Identified for Further Review
GeorgiaGeorgia Local Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update #1B$291,375.00Identified for Further Review
GuamJudiciary of Guam Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project$532,660.00Did not meet HMA requirements
HawaiiCity and County of Honolulu, Department of Emergency Management$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
HawaiiState of Hawaii Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$200,250.00Identified for Further Review
Hoopa Valley TribeHoopa Valley Tribe - Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$138,500.00Identified for Further Review
Hydaburg Cooperative AssociationHydaburg Tribe PDM 2016 Planning$166,986.43Identified for Further Review
IdahoTeton County Multihazard Utility Loss Mitigation Project$375,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
IdahoFlood Mitigation - Replace culvert in 49th Slough near May Trucking, Payette ID $25,840.00Did not meet HMA requirements
IdahoElk City Wastewater Improvement Project$2,998,535.25Did not meet HMA requirements
IdahoGem County AHMP update 2017$39,018.75Identified for Further Review
Idaho2018 State of Idaho Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$135,000.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisCarbon Cliff Multihazard Mitigation Project$319,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
IllinoisVillage of North Utica Flood Diversion$1,396,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Illinois7th Avenue Flood Hazard Mitigation Project$1,377,359.27Did not meet HMA requirements
IllinoisCity of Grafton Multihazard Mitigation Project$268,200.00Did not meet HMA requirements
IllinoisVillage of DePue Flood Wall $687,062.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisCity of Peru Flood Wall $365,428.27Identified for Further Review
IllinoisOttawa Township High School$1,184,250.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisCity of Marseilles Flood Wall $1,200,000.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisRandolph County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$40,629.96Identified for Further Review
IllinoisSouthern Five County Region of Illinois Pre Disaster Mitigation Plan Update$217,700.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisMacoupin County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan$43,683.49Identified for Further Review
IllinoisOgle County, IL Multihazard Mitigation Plan$51,523.51Identified for Further Review
IllinoisState Multihazard Mitigation Plan$251,407.00Identified for Further Review
IllinoisSchuyler County, IL Multihazard Mitigation Plan$41,849.73Identified for Further Review
IllinoisLee County, IL Multihazard Mitigation Plan$51,293.99Identified for Further Review
IndianaCity of Decatur 2017 Flood Mitigation Project$428,156.25Identified for Further Review
IndianaCity of Auburn 2016 Flood Mitigation Project$134,737.50Identified for Further Review
IndianaCity of Fort Wayne 2017 Flood Mitigation Project$248,703.75Identified for Further Review
IndianaWells County Indiana Acquisition and Demolition 2016 - VC$179,074.38Identified for Further Review
IndianaCity of Greenwood Pre Hazard Mitigation acquisition and demolition$1,052,238.85Identified for Further Review
IndianaIndiana 27 county mhmp update$432,897.16Identified for Further Review
IowaCity of Coggon Water Tower Generator$23,170.00Did not meet HMA requirements
IowaCallender Generators for Lift Station & Water Treatment Plant PDM 2016$63,801.00Identified for Further Review
IowaHumboldt County Multijurisdictional Mitigation Update$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaRinggold County MJ Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$21,441.00Identified for Further Review
IowaKeokuk County Multi Jurisdictional Pre Disaster Mitigation Plan Update 2016 $22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaState of Iowa FY16 Planning Application$259,875.00Identified for Further Review
IowaLyon County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaWashington County MJ PDM Planupdate16'$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaDickinson County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaMills County MJ Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
IowaClay County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$22,500.00Identified for Further Review
KentuckyKentucky Power Outage Mitigation Planning$212,740.67Identified for Further Review
KentuckyKIPDA Pre-Disaster Multi-Hazard Debris Removal Plan$65,000.01Did not meet HMA requirements
KentuckyLouisville Metro Data Enhancement and Capacity Building Planning Project$72,878.25Did not meet HMA requirements
KentuckyDawson Springs, KY West Kentucky 4H Camp Safe Room$375,000.00Identified for Further Review
KentuckyNancy, KY Lake Cumberland 4H Camp Safe Room$375,000.00Identified for Further Review
KentuckyCarlisle, KY North Central 4H Camp Safe Room$375,000.00Identified for Further Review
KentuckyNKU Local Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Project$73,477.92Identified for Further Review
KentuckyCommonwealth of Kentucky Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Project: 2018 Update$300,000.00Identified for Further Review
KentuckyWMU RWI Emergency Generator $975,000.00Not Selected
Kickapoo Tribe of OklahomaKickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma - Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$59,650.00Identified for Further Review
Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa IndiansLac du Flambeau Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning$58,221.00Identified for Further Review
LouisianaBalancing Water - Retrofitting and Reshaping Resilience Mitigation$3,739,249.25Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaCity of Gretna, Louisiana$2,201,250.75Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaSt. Bernard Parish Creely Canal Stormwater Mitigation$1,255,186.80Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaBayou Paul Stream Restoration$1,574,756.25Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaClimate Resilience Pump Capacity$4,000,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaClimate Resilience Sewer - Jeff Parish PDM 2016$1,608,577.50Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaTPCG Living Mitigation Surge Protection$4,000,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
LouisianaKenner City Hall Wind Retrofit Mitigation Project$326,250.00Identified for Further Review
LouisianaJefferson Parish HM Plan Update$299,999.25Identified for Further Review
MaineMaine State Hazard Mitigation Plan - 2018 Update$45,000.16Identified for Further Review
MarylandWhite Marsh Volunteer Fire Company Station Acquisition $937,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MarylandMTA Shot Tower / Market Place Metro Station Floodproofing$217,080.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MarylandEllicott City Stormwater Channel Improvement $1,500,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MarylandAnne Arundel County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$36,562.50Identified for Further Review
MarylandAllegany County Hazard Mitigation Plan$21,000.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandCharles County HAzard Mitigation Plan$71,820.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandGarrett County Hazard Mitigation Plan$21,000.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandMontgomery County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018$39,750.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandQueen Anne's County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$60,937.49Identified for Further Review
MarylandSomerset County Hazard Mitigation Plan$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandWashington County Hazard Mitigation Plan$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandCaroline County Hazard Mitigation Plan$27,590.31Identified for Further Review
MarylandState of Maryland (MEMA): 2016 State Hazard Mitigation Plan HAZUS Riverine Suppl$300,000.00Identified for Further Review
MarylandSCLTRC 8 Property Elevation $703,324.80Not Selected
MassachusettsTown Brook Stream Restoration - Climate Resilient Mitigation Project$3,500,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsPeabody MA, Pump Station Retrofit$141,431.25Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsCity of Fall River Middle Street Flood Mitigation Project$3,999,522.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsMitigation of Town Hall through Ryder Street Outfall Improvements$1,553,025.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsCity of Boston Adams Street Bridge FEMA PDM Grant$368,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsTown of Conway-Delabarre Avenue Slope Stabilization$270,280.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MassachusettsTown of Edgartown, MA Emergency Shelter Generator Upgrade$58,615.00Identified for Further Review
MassachusettsTown of Stockbridge Pre-Disaster Mitigation/Drainage Improvement Project$238,570.00Identified for Further Review
Massachusetts2016 Massachusetts Local Hazard Mitigaiton Planning Grant $268,792.50Identified for Further Review
Metlakatla Indian CommunityMetlakatla Indian Community Hazard Mitigation Planning$121,066.29Identified for Further Review
MichiganCity of Dearborn Heights Home Acquisition/Demolition 2$1,106,020.00Identified for Further Review
MichiganLapeer County D-bar-A Safe Room Project $759,108.00Identified for Further Review
MichiganEstral Beach - Elevation of 3 homes$200,972.00Identified for Further Review
MichiganPresque Isle CRC - E 638 over Grand Lake Outlet$560,134.50Identified for Further Review
MichiganMuskegon County Gerber Scout Reservation Safe Room Project$1,043,773.50Identified for Further Review
MichiganGratiot County All Hazard Mitigation Project$35,769.00Identified for Further Review
MichiganJackson County, Michigan, Hazard Mitigation Plan$37,499.46Identified for Further Review
MichiganLenawee County, Michigan, Hazard Mitigation Plan$37,499.54Identified for Further Review
MichiganCity of Ann Arbor Mitigation Plan Update$118,053.45Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaDodge County Flood Acquisition$177,690.00Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaUpper Minnesota River Valley Two County Update$72,000.00Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaMinnesota Six Mitigation Plan Update$158,400.00Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaHSEM 7 County HM Plan Updates $217,500.00Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaMinnesota 2017 State Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
MinnesotaCity of Saint Paul Comprehensive 5 Year All Hazard Mitigation Plan Review$73,218.75Identified for Further Review
MississippiSharkey Hampton Lake Fire Dept. Generator Project$48,750.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MississippiState of MS Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2018$275,892.00Identified for Further Review
MissouriAudrain County Health Department Generator Purchase$7,506.00Did not meet HMA requirements
MissouriWilliamsville Elementary Saferoom$843,297.30Identified for Further Review
MissouriFY16 PDM Planning App$282,987.44Identified for Further Review
MissouriFY16 PDM Planning App #2$292,012.49Identified for Further Review
MontanaEast D2 Drain Flow Capacity Enhancements$1,640,427.75Did not meet HMA requirements
MontanaStillwater County Rock Slide Project$1,860,000.00Identified for Further Review
MontanaMusselshell River Acquisition Project$2,522,235.75Identified for Further Review
MontanaCity of Deer Lodge Acquisition Project $74,532.75Identified for Further Review
MontanaGallatin County Hazard Mitigation Plan update$40,000.00Identified for Further Review
MontanaYellowstone County, Montana  -  Multihazard Mitigation Planning Project$36,603.75Identified for Further Review
MontanaPowell County City of Deer Lodge Montana Pre Disaster Mitigation Grant$25,000.00Identified for Further Review
MontanaBlaine and Hill Counties Plan Update$50,000.00Identified for Further Review
MontanaCuster County Montana PDM Plan Update$37,499.99Identified for Further Review
MontanaState Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2016$103,500.75Identified for Further Review
NebraskaCity of Lincoln Forest Lake Boulevard Drainage Improvements$602,898.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NebraskaFloodplain and stream restoration for the City of Clarkson$2,692,950.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NebraskaElkhorn RPPD Multihazard Mitigation Project$786,482.71Identified for Further Review
NebraskaTri-Basin NRD All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Renewal$61,500.00Identified for Further Review
NebraskaNebraska City Station Multihazard Mitigation Plan$56,220.00Identified for Further Review
Nebraska2016 Adams County Little Blue River Bank Stabilization Projects$566,877.74Not Selected
NevadaLincoln - Power Line Wildfire Mitigation$116,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NevadaHenderson PW – Water Pumping EM Generator Electrical Connections Project$450,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NevadaDouglas County - Smelter Creek Regional Flood Control Facility (PDM)$2,473,650.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NevadaUNR - Manzanita Hall Seismic Retrofit Project $3,353,100.75Did not meet HMA requirements
NevadaCNLV - Oak Island Storm Drain$1,493,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
NevadaTRFMA- 1725 McCarran and 5305 Mill Demolition Project$349,989.00Identified for Further Review
NevadaTRFMA- 2016 Home Elevation Program for Hidden Valley$875,000.00Identified for Further Review
NevadaLyon Co. HMP Update$154,999.50Identified for Further Review
New HampshireEmergency Generator/Municipal Building$45,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New HampshireBox Culverts East End Durand Road$149,999.99Did not meet HMA requirements
New HampshireWhite Plains Road - Webster, NH - Culvert Replacement$221,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New HampshireTown of Charlestown Culvert Replacement$150,150.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New HampshireDrainage Improvements - New Road - Barnstead, NH$230,662.50Did not meet HMA requirements
New HampshireFFY 2016 $149,499.00Identified for Further Review
New HampshireLHMP 2016.2$147,000.00Identified for Further Review
New JerseySwan Creek Mitigation Project PDM$2,286,900.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyTownship of Howell Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project$65,868.75Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyFireman's Park Flood Mitigation Initiative$2,497,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyVentnor PDM Project$47,167.01Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseySomers Point PDM Project$430,912.50Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyBrigantine PDM Project$225,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyCity of Linden Flood Mitigation$4,000,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
New JerseyPleasantville PDM Project$103,950.00Identified for Further Review
New JerseyEssex County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazards Mitigation Plan Update  $225,000.00Identified for Further Review
New JerseyHudson County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$187,500.00Identified for Further Review
New JerseyMennen Sports Arena Emergency Generator at Morris Township NJ$623,250.00Not Selected
New MexicoSSCAFCA Upper Bosque de Bernalillo Flood Mitigation Project - Town of Bernalillo$408,378.63Did not meet HMA requirements
New MexicoSSCAFCA Cactus Ponds Flood Mitigation Project - City of Rio Rancho$1,405,805.17Identified for Further Review
New YorkTioga County, NY Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2018 Pre-Disaster Mitigation-PDM$40,500.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkSchoharie County Multi-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan$45,000.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkPre-Disaster Mitigation-PDM$225,000.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkRensselaer County Hazard Mitigation Plan$225,000.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkOtsego County Multihazard Mitigation Project$112,500.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkBroome County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDM)$150,000.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkOnondaga County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$225,000.00Identified for Further Review
New YorkChemung County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$112,500.00Identified for Further Review
North CarolinaTown of Nag's Head: Wind Retrofit for 3 Fire Stations$67,911.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaCraven County: CRMA FSR Multi-Hazard Project$240,187.50Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaTown of Leland: Flood Diversion and Storage CRMA Project$220,964.25Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaTown of Black Mountain: CRMA FSR Project$110,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaNCEM: Economic Vulnerability Assessment$204,999.99Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaNCEM: Dam Failure Risk Assessment-Central Branch$300,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaNCEM: Dam Failure Risk Assessment-Eastern Branch$300,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaNCEM: Dam Failure Risk Assessment-Western Branch$300,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaNCEM: LiDAR-Derived Building Footprints$300,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
North CarolinaCity of Boiling Spring Lakes: CRMA FSR Project$1,732,500.00Identified for Further Review
North CarolinaCraven County: Wind Retrofit Project$60,785.25Identified for Further Review
North Dakota2016 Rice Lake Structure Elevation Raise$951,911.46Identified for Further Review
North DakotaMorton County Harmon Lake Storm Shelter$35,758.50Identified for Further Review
North DakotaCity of Oakes Lift Station Improvements$787,852.50Identified for Further Review
North DakotaCity of Grafton Lift Station Generators$44,437.50Identified for Further Review
North DakotaSteele County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$29,617.11Identified for Further Review
North DakotaWard County Mitigation Plan Update$48,000.00Identified for Further Review
North DakotaPierce County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$30,900.00Identified for Further Review
North DakotaState of North Dakota Enhanced Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$157,375.50Identified for Further Review
North DakotaCavalier County MHMP Update$26,750.00Identified for Further Review
North DakotaSpirit Lake Nation MHMP Update$49,669.00Identified for Further Review
North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians of CaliforniaNorth Fork Rancheria - Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan$143,190.00Identified for Further Review
Northern Mariana IslandsTinian Youth Center - Storm Shutter Project$25,068.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Northern Mariana IslandsSapain CNMI Gapgap Mitigation Project $196,216.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Northern Mariana IslandsRota Courthouse - Storm Shutter Project$26,225.00Identified for Further Review
OhioSpringfield Township Acquisition PDM FY16$61,245.75Identified for Further Review
OhioVillage of Valley View 2016 PDM Project$1,292,805.00Identified for Further Review
OhioCity of Twinsburg Tinkers Creek Flood Acquisition -FY16 PDM$126,145.82Identified for Further Review
OhioOhio Safe Room Rebate Program PDM FY 2016$563,190.00Identified for Further Review
OhioWayne County Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update$28,875.00Identified for Further Review
OhioMorrow County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Project$15,094.55Identified for Further Review
OhioFranklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update$56,250.00Identified for Further Review
OhioPreble County Multihazard Mitigation Plan$30,844.00Identified for Further Review
OhioVillage of Ottawa HMP Update$33,750.00Identified for Further Review
OhioLucas County, Ohio Countywide All Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Update $39,375.00Identified for Further Review
OhioDefiance County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update$8,019.03Identified for Further Review
OhioHamilton County, OH Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Project$75,300.00Identified for Further Review
OhioMedina County All Hazard and Flood Mitigation Plan$37,431.00Identified for Further Review
OhioDarke County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$24,750.00Identified for Further Review
OhioMahoning County Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$6,293.18Identified for Further Review
OhioHenry County Ohio Mitigation Plan Update$9,666.00Identified for Further Review
OhioStark County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan $6,937.50Identified for Further Review
OhioHuron County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan$15,000.00Identified for Further Review
OklahomaSoonerSafe Rebate Program - Oklahoma$1,000,000.00Identified for Further Review
OklahomaCity of Newcastle Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project$250,000.00Identified for Further Review
OklahomaBruner Acquisition 4049 E 77th Street, Tulsa, OK$162,015.00Not Selected
OregonSeismic Retrofit of Elm Avenue Stormwater Pump Station.$94,083.75Identified for Further Review
OregonClackamas County Multi-Jurisdictional NHMP$37,500.00Identified for Further Review
OregonHazard Mitigation Plans in OEM Region 5$220,980.00Identified for Further Review
OregonLocal Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans in OEM Regions 6 & 8$220,948.00Identified for Further Review
Otoe-Missouria TribeOtoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians Community Safe Room Projects$427,628.50Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaEast Buffalo Township River Road Culvert HMA $291,174.75Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaPDM 2016 Water Supply Standby Power & Flood Mitigation with Green Infrastructure$150,019.46Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaRoaring Brook Flood Protection Project$459,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaScott Township Short Street Mitigation Project$150,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaPDM - 2016 Flood Control $206,250.00Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaTown of Bloomsburg FMA Grant Application$2,962,281.00Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaWest Mead Township Emegency Generator$30,834.00Did not meet HMA requirements
PennsylvaniaCounty of Berks 2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$65,025.00Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaYork County, Pennsylvania Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$31,874.58Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaCounty of Lancaster PA Hazard Mitigatin Plan Update$51,776.25Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaLehigh Valley Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$105,000.00Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaLebanon County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$42,225.00Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaSchuylkill County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update/Debris Management Plan$65,042.21Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaWyoming County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$45,000.00Identified for Further Review
PennsylvaniaRevised Susquehanna County HMP Update$47,256.00Identified for Further Review
Pit River TribeMulti-Hazard Mitigation Plan for Eleven Bands of Pit River Tribe, California$225,000.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoPR-125 Km 0.6 Existing Drainage Rehabilitation$260,627.38Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoASEM & PR Medical Center Pre Disaster Mitigation Project $433,674.73Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoMunicpality of Barceloneta, Pre Disaster Mitigation Project$2,278,553.25Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoMitigation Project for Mariquita and Frailes Creek at Guaynabo $600,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoMitigigation Project  Al Corchado$75,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoThe Yunque Underground Distribution 2016$3,000,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Puerto RicoThe Construction and Installation of Storm Shuttter Municipal Public Work Bld.$20,576.62Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoSalinas Aquifer Storage and Recovery$2,142,159.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoCayey Multihazard Mitigation Update Plan$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoBayamon All Hazard Mitigation Plan$25,000.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoMunicipality of Catano$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoCOAMO FEMA APPROVED MULTI-HAZARD MITIGATION PROJECT$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoCamuy Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoUpdate Mitigation Plan for Municipality of  Hormigueros$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoMunicipality of Juana Diaz Multihazard Mitigation Project$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoMunicipality of San Sebastian Multihazard Mitigation Plan$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Puerto RicoLas Piedras FEMA Approved Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update$18,750.00Identified for Further Review
Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians2016 Multihazard Mitigation Planning Grant$47,963.34Identified for Further Review
Rhode IslandAmanda Sttreet/Warren Avenue Floodplain Restoration$877,383.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Rhode IslandGreen Infrastrucutre BMP at Phenix Avenue$990,996.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Rhode IslandGreen Infrastructure to Mitigate Flooding in the Providence$71,450.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Rhode IslandCity of Providence Multihazard Mitigation Plan$46,875.00Identified for Further Review
Rhode IslandSouth Kingstown Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$25,000.00Identified for Further Review
Rhode IslandRIEMA State Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$93,750.00Identified for Further Review
Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in IowaMeskwaki Flood Study$84,083.10Identified for Further Review
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash IndiansSanta Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Community Resilience Plan$316,777.50Identified for Further Review
Soboba Band of Luiseño IndiansSoboba Band of Luiseno Indians Mitigation Project$575,000.34Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaThe Citadel: Capers Hall Seismic Retrofit$3,955,803.75Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaCity of Rock Hill Stream Bank Stabilization$27,103.00Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaColleton County Generator IDO Mitigation Project$16,666.50Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaCity of Charleston - FS 2&3 Seismic & Hurricane Retrofit$4,000,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaPDM City of Cayce Critical Infrastructure Generator$412,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaCity of Columbia PDM Elevation Project$496,125.00Did not meet HMA requirements
South CarolinaCity of North Charleston - PreDisaster Mitigation$637,260.00Not Selected
South CarolinaCounty of Marion- Sellers Elevation$81,234.00Not Selected
South DakotaKingsbury County Power Line Burial, Kingsbury Electric Coop Line 3$143,349.63Identified for Further Review
South DakotaDay County Acquisition$186,255.00Identified for Further Review
South DakotaMinnehaha and Lincoln Counties Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
South DakotaLawrence County PDM Plan Update$18,375.00Identified for Further Review
Spokane Tribe of IndiansSpokane Tribe Hazard Mitigation Plan$81,000.00Identified for Further Review
Stockbridge-Munsee CommunityStockbridge-Munsee Community 2016 PDM Grant Application$456,500.00Identified for Further Review
TennesseeCity of Camden Storm Water Detention and Recreational Facility$572,760.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeTown of Huntingdon Storm Water Detention and Recreational Facility$668,100.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeCarroll County Crooked Creek Stream Restoration and Flood Reduction Project$3,166,800.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeCity of Covington Storm Water Detention and Recreational Facility$511,140.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeTipton County Storm Water Detention and Recreational Facility$998,520.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeDyer County Lake Structure - Automated Draw Down Siphon$362,880.00Did not meet HMA requirements
TennesseeGiles County Mitigation Plan Update$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
TexasSublett Creek Neighborhood Drainage Improvements$2,943,921.75Did not meet HMA requirements
TexasCameron County Drainage for Haclenda del Norte Subdivision$473,456.25Did not meet HMA requirements
TexasKarnes_Wilson County Multihazard Multijurisdicitonal Mitigation Plan$90,000.00Identified for Further Review
TexasCity of Springtown Mitigation Action Plan Grant$26,250.00Identified for Further Review
TexasCounty of Frio Hazard Mitigation Plan$72,000.00Identified for Further Review
TexasCity of Huntsville Mitigation Planning $60,000.00Identified for Further Review
TexasSan Jacinto County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$39,705.00Identified for Further Review
TexasAustin County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan$65,340.83Identified for Further Review
TexasSTDC/Starr County Hazard Mitigation Plan$102,000.00Identified for Further Review
TexasChambers County 20117 Hazard Mitigation Plan$58,445.88Identified for Further Review
TexasLiberty County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan $76,826.63Identified for Further Review
TexasMontgomery County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan$90,568.09Identified for Further Review
TexasWalker County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan $58,503.68Identified for Further Review
TexasWaller County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan $65,177.14Identified for Further Review
TexasBrazoria County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan $92,068.10Identified for Further Review
TexasTarrant County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017$264,000.00Identified for Further Review
Texas Pecan Boulevard at 27th Stree Drainage Improvements$178,886.15Not Selected
Three Affiliated TribesThree Affiliated Tribes Mitigation Plan$40,312.50Identified for Further Review
UtahCUWCD Olmsted Partial Pkg #2 Seismic Retrofit$758,792.20Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahWashington Terrace Public Works Facility Demolition & Slope Stabilization Proj.$309,438.00Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahCity of Saratoga Springs Flood and Climate Change Hazard Miitigation $890,019.00Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahPerry City Flood Control District Debris Flow Mitigation Project$675,937.50Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahSt. George City Virgin River Stream Restoration Project$884,887.50Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahWasatch Boulevard - Ferguson Canyon Creek Outfall Restoration$507,063.75Did not meet HMA requirements
UtahSalt Lake City Fix the Bricks$507,500.00Identified for Further Review
UtahBrigham City Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project$825,825.00Identified for Further Review
UtahWest Haven Generator Project$61,689.00Identified for Further Review
UtahWashington City Virgin River Stream Restoration Project$1,085,985.00Identified for Further Review
UtahUintah Basin Regional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan 2018$54,000.00Identified for Further Review
UtahWBWCD Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update$144,742.57Identified for Further Review
UtahGranite School District Mulithazard Mitigation Plan$56,250.00Identified for Further Review
UtahUtah State Hazard Mitigation Plan$187,500.00Identified for Further Review
VermontBrownington Generator$22,499.90Did not meet HMA requirements
VermontMelrose Terrace Demolition & Floodplain Restoration - Brattleboro$1,970,475.00Identified for Further Review
Vermont4400 Cold River Road Hazard Mitigation by highway relocation$535,875.00Identified for Further Review
VermontEden, VT Mitigation Plan$9,740.58Identified for Further Review
Virgin IslandsHurrincane Shutter, Rollup doors & Generator instal @ Cruz Bay$57,661.50Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsQueen St. Christiansted$2,389,312.78Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsMangrove Lagoon Sewage Treatment Plant Site Improvements$422,700.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsFeeder 11 Upgrade$900,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsFrederiksted - King Street$2,890,144.09Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsSchneider Regional Medical Center Hazard Mitigation plan$697,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsCharlotte Amalie High School Underground$187,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
Virgin IslandsSubbase Water Storage Tank #4 Hardening/Retrofitting Flooring$2,310,000.00Did not meet HMA requirements
VirginiaQuick Connects VDEM Region 5$63,499.50Did not meet HMA requirements
VirginiaCentral Shenandoah PDC Wildfire Protection Plan$30,000.00Identified for Further Review
VirginiaPDM 2016 Rappahannock Rapidan Regional Commission$54,000.00Identified for Further Review
VirginiaPDM 2016 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Mount Rogers Planning District Commission$48,750.00Identified for Further Review
VirginiaState Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$187,500.00Identified for Further Review
VirginiaRadford University Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$75,000.00Identified for Further Review
VirginiaPDM 2016 Northern Neck Planning District Commission HMP Update$53,756.25Identified for Further Review
VirginiaSouthwest Virginia DRU Plan Update$41,250.00Identified for Further Review
Wampanoag Tribe Of Gay Head (Aquinnah)Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$26,095.83Identified for Further Review
WashingtonMcCaw Floodplain Restoration Project$436,462.14Did not meet HMA requirements
WashingtonMiddle Entiat River Cottonwood Flats Floodplain Reconnection Project$595,938.00Did not meet HMA requirements
WashingtonSpokane County Hazard Road Drainage Improvements$274,735.80Identified for Further Review
WashingtonKing County Mitigation Plan Update for Linking Jurisdictions$99,499.20Identified for Further Review
WashingtonLincoln County Multihazard Mitigation Plan Update$35,475.00Identified for Further Review
West VirginiaWest Virginia Standard Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016$187,500.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinCity of River Falls Glen Park Safe Room$630,399.19Identified for Further Review
WisconsinOzaukee County Acquisition/Demolition$118,891.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinFlorence County 2016 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Planning Grant$26,046.98Identified for Further Review
WisconsinIowa County Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update$37,687.59Identified for Further Review
WisconsinOzaukee County Hazard Mitigation Plan $45,000.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinVernon County HMP Update 2016$194,844.98Identified for Further Review
WisconsinSt. Croix County All-Hazard Multi-Jurisdictional Mitigation Plan Update$35,604.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinJefferson County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$18,900.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinEau Claire County WI Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (FY 2017)$35,712.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinMonroe County HMP Update 2016$32,807.82Identified for Further Review
WisconsinPierce Co PDM Plan Update$16,779.00Identified for Further Review
WisconsinGrant County, WI Hazard Mitigation Plan Update$44,977.59Identified for Further Review
WisconsinGreen Lake Co PDM Plan Update$20,514.40Identified for Further Review
WyomingCity of Casper North Platte River Restoration Project$2,583,312.00Did not meet HMA requirements
WyomingLower Eastdale Creek Channel Improvements$337,500.00Did not meet HMA requirements
WyomingBuffalo Hazard Mitigation Project for PDM Grant funding$579,396.00Identified for Further Review
WyomingBig Horn County Community Wildfire Annex for Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan$50,000.00Identified for Further Review
WyomingConverse County HM Plan Update$22,512.00Identified for Further Review


Identified for Further Review:undefined


An application which is listed as “identified for further review” is not a notification of award. This means that a subapplication has met the requirements specified in the NOFO and the HMA Unified Guidance.  At this time, the applicants are required to work with a FEMA Regional Office to complete the pre-award activities for subapplications. Regional Offices will also complete the Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) compliance review for projects prior to award.  Applicant management costs will be awarded based on the planning and project subapplications that are “identified for further review” and will not be awarded in excess of 10 percent of the total grant award.  Additionally, awards will be subject to the availability of funds. FEMA may, at its discretion, request additional information or documentation regarding administrative or procedural requirements and conduct additional programmatic reviews before making a final decision. undefined


Not Selectedundefined


Each year, the number of applicants for grant funding exceeds what is available.  FEMA offers two recommendations for subapplications that met the program requirements but are not selected due to limited program funding. One recommendation is that the applicant may re-submit the subapplication during the open period of the FY 2017 PDM or Flood Mitigation Assistance grant program. Or, if funding is available, an application can be submitted to the HMGP.undefined


Did Not Meet Hazard Mitigation Assistance Requirementsundefined


For applications submitted that are identified as “Did not meet HMA requirements”, the FEMA Regional Office will provide further information to applicants on why subapplications did not meet these requirements.


Request for Reconsiderationundefined


FEMA will reconsider its determination of a subapplication only when there is an indication of a substantive technical or procedural error by FEMA.  Only information provided in the submitted subapplication is considered supporting documentation for the request for reconsideration.  The amount of funding available for applicant management costs will not be reconsidered. 


Applicants must send requests for reconsideration based upon technical or procedural error to their FEMA Regional Office within 60 days of the posting of subapplication status.  The Regional Office will review the information received from an applicant and submit the regional recommendation to FEMA’s Headquarters.  FEMA Headquarters will make a final determination to overturn or uphold the original decision and send the response to the applicant.  A FEMA decision to uphold or overturn a decision regarding a subapplication is final.

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