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Continuity Resources and Technical Assistance

Every day, individuals, organizations, communities, and governments provide critical services and perform essential functions upon which our neighbors and communities depend. Continuity ensures that the whole community has a plan for sustaining these services and functions when normal operations are disrupted.

Continuity is the ability to provide uninterrupted critical services, essential functions, and support, while maintaining organizational viability, before, during, and after an event that disrupts normal operations. 

In coordination and in concert with the FEMA Regions, FEMA’s National Continuity Programs provides outreach and technical assistance to whole community partners across the nation. Outreach and technical assistance offerings is available to non-federal partners, including state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; the private sector; non-governmental organizations; and critical infrastructure owners and operators. Jurisdictions are encouraged to complete an assessment of current plans and programs using the Continuity Assessment Tool to identify shortfalls or gaps to guide requests for technical assistance. 

FEMA maintains the Continuity Resource Toolkit, which is designed to provide additional tools, templates, and resources to assist in implementing the concepts found within the Continuity Guidance Circular. If interested in outreach or technical assistance opportunities, please contact

  1. NCP Technical Assistance Offerings
  2. NCP Other Resources
  3. FY18 Resilient Communications Guidance
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