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Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool (RAPT)

The Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool gives everyone access to powerful data and GIS mapping that can help everyone understand their community.

RAPT includes over 100 preloaded layers including community resilience indicators from peer-reviewed research, the most current census demographic data, infrastructure data, and data on weather, hazards, and risk. RAPT also includes easy to use analysis tools, the ability to add in data from other sources, and print and download functions.

GETT Dashboard

Grant Equity Threshold Tool (GETT)

The Grant Equity Threshold Tool provides important information regarding community populations in Climate & Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEJST) Disadvantaged communities, FEMA's Community Disaster Resilience Zones (CDRZs) and FEMA's Community Resilience Challenges Index (CRCI) communities. It also provides grant applicants with benefitting area shapefiles that can be submitted with their application. This tool can help grant applicants demonstrate how their potential benefitting area supports the Justice40 Initiative by focusing efforts on disadvantaged communities and Tribal Lands.

Visit the GETT Portal

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Climate Risk and Resilience Portal

Climate change is increasing the complexity, intensity, and frequency of disasters. The Climate Risk and Resilience Portal (ClimRR) provides cutting-edge science for climate projections to help improve America’s preparedness for future climate extremes. Data layers from ClimRR can be combined with RAPT data to contextualize local-scale climate.

Visit the ClimRR Portal

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Supporting Documents

Supporting documents for the Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool can be found below.

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Please email us with questions or to share how you are using RAPT.

Upcoming Webinars

Grant Equity Threshold Tool Webinars: FEMA will host multiple webinars that will demonstrate how to use GETT and RAPT to provide community demographic and equity information to grant applicants and how to export shapefiles that can be included with grant applications. All webinars will have the same content and participants must register for each webinar they will attend. Don’t miss these upcoming chances to learn about GETT and RAPT!