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This section provides the name and contact information for the Program’s accreditation body, the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), and the names of certification bodies that have the ability to offer certification to the standards under the PS-Prep Program.

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Accreditation Bodies

The Accreditation Body for PS-Prep™ is The ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board).  Under an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security, ANAB has developed a program to oversee the certification process, manage accreditation, and accredit qualified third parties to carry out certifications of private sector entities for disaster preparedness, emergency management, and business continuity. Certification Bodies (CBs) can be accredited for any or all of the designated PS-Prep standards: ASIS SPC.1, ISO 22301, and NFPA 1600.

Certification Bodies

ANAB maintains a list of organizations accredited to offer certification for the PS-Prep™ foundation standards, ASIS SPC.1, ISO 22301, and NFPA 1600.

If you visit the ANAB site to find out how your organization can become PS-Prep certified, please be aware that the requirements, fees, and much of the information on this site apply to CBs seeking ANAB accreditation rather than organizations seeking certification.  Should your organization be interested in more detailed information on third-party certifications, such as processes or costs, related to one of the foundation standards under the PS-Prep™ Program, we suggest that you contact one of the organizations accredited to offer third-party certification which can be found on the ANAB directory.

ANAB may be contacted directly for additional information on accreditation and certification.

Point of Contact: Randy Dougherty, Vice President
Toll Free: (800) 606-5394 x7606

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