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OpenFEMA Dataset: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Disaster Summaries - V1

This page documents the metadata for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Disaster Summaries API data feed.

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The dataset contains disaster level financial information for FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The purpose of HMGP is to help communities implement hazard mitigation measures following a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration in the areas of the State, Tribe, or Territory requested by the Governor or Tribal Executive. For more information on the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, please visit:

Additional disaster level information can be found here:

Information on projects funded under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program can found here:

This is raw, unedited data from FEMA's National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS) and as such is subject to a small percentage of human error. The financial information is derived from NEMIS and not FEMA's official financial systems. Due to differences in reporting periods, status of obligations and how business rules are applied, this financial information may differ slightly from official publication on public websites such as; this dataset is not intended to be used for any official federal financial reporting.

Missing values - In some cases data was not provided by the subgrantee (subrecipient), grantee (recipient) and/or entered into the FEMA mitigation grant systems. The information is likely available as part of the paper file which is considered the file of record.

If you have media inquiries about this dataset please email the FEMA News Desk or call (202) 646-3272.' For inquiries about FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program data and Open government program please contact the OpenFEMA team via email and



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mitigation, hazard, disaster, grant, subapplication, assistance, HMGP

Data Fields

disasterNumberDisaster NumbernumberSequentially assigned number used to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster. For more information on the disaster process, visit
hmgpCloseoutStatusHMGP Closeout StatusstringYes or No indication of whether or not the HMGP program is closed for the disaster. If an HMGP Reconciliation Date exists, then the status equals Yes; otherwise, the status equals No
hmgpReconciliationDateHMGP Reconciliation DatedateThe date FEMA Headquarters concurred on the financial reconciliation conducted by the Region and has closed the program for the disaster
lockedInCeilingAmountLocked In Ceiling AmountnumberThe level of HMGP funding available in dollars to a Recipient/Grantee for a particular disaster declaration. This dollar amount, also known as the 'lock-in' value for HMGP, is the maximum that FEMA can obligate for eligible HMGP activities
obligatedTotalAmountObligated Total AmountnumberTotal amount obligated for the disaster in dollars. This amount includes Recipient/Grantee and Subrecipient/Subgrantee admin costs
obligatedInitiativeAmountObligated Initiative AmountnumberTotal amount obligated for 5% initiative projects in dollars. The 5% Initiative allows Recipients/Grantees under the HMGP to use up to five percent of total HMGP grant funds for projects that are difficult to evaluate using FEMA-approved cost-effectiveness methodologies, but which otherwise meet HMGP eligibility requirements
obligatedPlanningAmountObligated Planning AmountnumberTotal amount obligated for planning projects in dollars. Up to 7% of a Recipient/Grantee's HMGP funding can be used for mitigation planning related activities
obligatedRegularAmountObligated Regular AmountnumberTotal amount obligated for regular projects in dollars. For more information on eligible mitigation activities, visit:
obligatedSMCAmountObligated SMC AmountnumberTotal amount obligated for State Management Costs in dollars. Management Costs are any indirect costs, administrative expenses, and any other expenses not directly chargeable to a specific project that are reasonably incurred by a recipient/grantee or subrecipient/subgrantee in administering and managing an HMGP grant award
obligatedGranteeAdminObligated Grantee AdminnumberTotal amount obligated for Recipient/Grantee administrative costs in dollars. Administrative costs are provided to the Recipient/Grantee for overtime pay, per diem, and travel for employees performing grant administration tasks. Administrative costs only apply to disasters declared prior to November 13, 2007
obligatedSubgranteeAdminObligated Subgrantee AdminnumberTotal amount obligated for Subrecipient/Subgrantee administrative costs in dollars. Administrative costs are provided to the Subrecipient/Subgrantee for the preparation of applications, quarterly reports, audits, related field inspections, recordkeeping, and the filing of reimbursement claims to the Recipient/Grantee. Administrative costs only apply to disasters declared prior to November 13, 2007
hashHashstringMD5 hash of fields and values of the record
lastRefreshLast RefreshdateDate the record was last updated in the API data store
idIDstringUnique ID assigned to the record
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