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OpenFEMA Dataset: Emergency Management Performance Grants - V1

This page documents the metadata for the Emergency Management Performance Grants - V1 API data feed.

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This dataset contains EMPG recipients as reported by their State and a summary of the funded program support as reported by the Recipient in the Grants Reporting Tool (GRT).

The EMPG Program provides resources to assist state, local, tribal and territorial governments in preparing for all hazards, as authorized by Section 662 of the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act (6 U.S.C ' 762) and the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. '' 5121 et seq.). Title VI of the Stafford Act authorizes FEMA to make grants for the purpose of providing a system of emergency preparedness for the protection of life and property in the United States from hazards and to vest responsibility for emergency preparedness jointly in the federal government and the states and their political subdivisions. The FY 2016 EMPG will provide federal funds to assist state, local, tribal and territorial emergency management agencies to obtain the resources required to support the National Preparedness Goal's (NPG's) (the Goal's) associated mission areas and core capabilities. The federal government, through the EMPG Program, provides necessary direction, coordination, and guidance, and provides necessary assistance, as authorized in this title to support a comprehensive all hazards emergency preparedness system.

The Emergency Management Performance Grant Program is to support a comprehensive, all-hazard emergency preparedness system by building and sustaining the core capabilities contained in the National Preparedness Goal.
Examples include:

  • Completing the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) process;
  • Strengthening a state or community's emergency management governance structures;
  • Updating and approving specific emergency plans;
  • Designing and conducting exercises that enable whole community stakeholders to examine and validate core capabilities and the plans needed to deliver them to the targets identified through the THIRA;
  • Targeting training and verifying identified capabilities;
  • Initiating or achieving a whole community approach to security and emergency management.

For additional details on the EMPG program visit:

This dataset is not intended to be an official federal report, and should not it be considered an official federal report.

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This dataset was first made public on 10/31/2016 and will be updated twice a year.

Date Report Run: 10/24/2016

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Data Fields

idIDstringUnique ID assigned to the record
reportingPeriodReporting PeriodstringFEMA's reporting cycle based on the grant award period for a specific fiscal year
stateStatestringEntity approved for a grant
legalAgencyNameLegal Agency NamestringThe subgrantee's legal agency name
projectTypeProject TypestringGeneral description of project
projectStartDateProject Start DatedateBegin date of the project
projectEndDateProject End DatedateEnd date of the project
empgTotalFundingEMPG Total FundingnumberTotal funding amount for the program
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