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OpenFEMA Dataset: Public Assistance Applicants

Version: 1
Last Data Refresh: 09-08-2020
Entity Name PublicAssistanceApplicants
API Endpoint https://www.fema.gov/api/open/v1/PublicAssistanceApplicants
Program URL https://www.fema.gov/public-assistance-local-state-tribal-and-non-profit
Keywords public, assistance, grant, applicant, grantee, fund, projects fema, nemis, mitigation, fema


This dataset lists summarized Applicant (sub-grantee) information that supplements the 'Public Assistance Funded Projects Detail' dataset.

This is raw, unedited data from FEMA's National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS) and as such is subject to a small percentage of human error.

Any financial information is derived from NEMIS and not FEMA's official financial systems. Due to differences in reporting periods, status of obligations and how business rules are applied, this financial information may differ slightly from official publication on public websites such as usaspending.gov; this dataset is not intended to be used for any official federal financial reporting.

This dataset is not intended to be an official federal report, and should not be considered an official federal report. Citation: The agency's preferred citation for each dataset is included in its metadata. Users should also cite the date that data was accessed or retrieved from fema.gov and/or Data.gov. Finally, users must clearly state that 'FEMA and the Federal Government cannot vouch for the data or analyses derived from these data after the data have been retrieved from the Agency's website(s) and/or Data.gov.'

This is not intended to be an official report.

If you have media inquiries about this dataset please email the FEMA News Desk FEMA-News-Desk@dhs.gov or call (202) 646-3272. For inquiries about FEMA's data and Open government program please contact the OpenFEMA team via email OpenFEMA@fema.dhs.gov.

Full Data

Format Address Record Count Approximate File Size
csv Link to csv 163179 small (10MB - 50MB)
json Link to json 163179 medium (50MB - 500MB)
jsona Link to jsona 163179 medium (50MB - 500MB)

Data Fields

Name Title Type Description Is Searchable
state State
The name or phrase describing the U.S. state, district, or territory no
applicantName Applicant Name
Name of the entity requesting Public Assistance Grant funding. (Eligible Public Assistance applicants are subgrantees) no
disasterNumber Disaster Number
Sequentially assigned number used to designate an event or incident declared as a disaster. For more information on the disaster process, https://www.fema.gov no
addressLine1 Address Line 1
A location at which a particular organization is found, Line 1; Applicant in this dataset no
zipCode Zip Code
Unique geographical identifier for a U.S. postal address; Applicant in this dataset no
addressLine2 Address Line 2
A location at which a particular organization is found, Line 2; Applicant in this dataset no
hash Hash
MD5 Hash of the fields and values of the record no
city City Name
A center of population; Applicant in this dataset no
lastRefresh Last Refresh
Date the record was last updated in the API data store no
id ID
Unique ID assigned to the record no
applicantId Applicant Id
Unique Public Assistance applicant identification number no

See Also

Access the metadata API calls for additional information:

Last updated September 8, 2020