OpenFEMA Dataset: FEMA Regions - v2

Version: 2
Last Data Refresh: 09-11-2023
Entity Name FemaRegions
API Endpoint
Update Frequency irregular
Program URL
Category Miscellaneous
Keywords regions


Provides a list of FEMA Regions including the address for each region's headquarters as well as a point in GeoJSON format that identifies headquarters and a geometry shape for the region in GeoJSON format.

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Full Data

Format Address Record Count Approximate File Size
csv Link to csv tiny (< 10 MB)
json Link to json tiny (< 10 MB)
jsona Link to jsona tiny (< 10 MB)
jsonl Link to jsonl tiny (< 10 MB)

Data Fields

Name Title Type Description Is Searchable
name Name
The name of the FEMA Region Headquarters yes
region Region
The Region number yes
address Address
Address location of the FEMA Region Headquarters office yes
city City
City location of the FEMA Region Headquarters office yes
state State
State where the FEMA Region Headquarters office is located yes
zipCode Zip Code
Zip code of the FEMA Region Headquarters office yes
states States
A list of states that encompass the region yes
loc Location
Geolocation of the FEMA Region Headquarters yes
regionGeometry Geometry
Polygon coordinates of the states that the region encompasses yes
lastRefresh Last Refresh
Date the record was last updated in the API data store yes
hash Hash
MD5 Hash of the fields and values of the record no
id ID
Unique ID assigned to the record yes

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