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Office of Federal Disaster Coordination


The mission of the Office of Federal Disaster Coordination (OFDC) is to access, train, equip, and manage FEMA’s Federal Coordinating Officers (FCO) and Federal Disaster Recovery Coordinators (FDRC) to ensure their availability for rapid deployment in response to any disaster; deliver training to develop and sustain FCO and FDRC professional competencies, and coordinate both FCO and FDRC assignments to meet the on-scene needs of FEMA and its emergency management partners.


Provide the highest quality leadership for field operations on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

OFDC Program Goal

Strengthen FEMA’s Operational Readiness – participate in key exercises, partner strategically with key organizations, implementation and sustain all-hazards capability, identify and leverage collateral specialies.

Provide exemplary national leadership at disasters and emergencies – facilitating efficient, effective, compassionate, fair, and consistent response, while ensuring the prudent use of resources; recognized leaders across all FEMA programs, flawless delivery.

Select and develop the right leader –  purposive recruiting and hiring, strong diversity, exemplary training and credentialing, properly equipped and readily available.

Lead the Federal Disaster Coordination Cadres – program resource management responsibilities, develop field leadership doctrine, coordinate approval of field operations policy, serve as project advisors to major acquisitions/contracts, serve as instructors for field operations and emergency management.


We embrace the FEMA Core Values of:  Compassion, Fairness, Integrity and Respect

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Office of Federal Disaster Coordination
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