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Smart Recovery Mitigation Campaign

OHIO - The Ohio Emergency Management Agency and Department of Natural Resources spearheaded a "Smart Recovery" awareness campaign. The campaign aimed at educating the public about mitigation methods and strategies as well as persuading individuals as members of their communities to make smart recovery decisions.

The campaign’s intent is for mitigation to become synonymous with "smart recovery." There are two main goals. The first is to increase the general public's awareness of natural hazard risks and related costs versus the benefits of mitigation. The second is to enhance the realization that individual and community mitigation activities can reduce the injuries, loss of life, and loss of property resulting from a disaster.

The campaign developed printed materials promoting smart recovery; aired radio, television and cable public service announcements; printed media advertisements; distributed caps, pins and stickers at public fairs and other public events; and developed a portable exhibit for use at State and local fairs, home shows and other public events.

For the State, there are several benefits of the Smart Recovery Mitigation Campaign. The public will understand what mitigation means and how they can apply it to reduce future disaster damages. At-risk individuals will take more responsibility for reducing damages by pursuing mitigation projects and purchasing appropriate insurance. The Ohio community leaders will better understand how to utilize mitigation measures to build safer communities and foster strong economic development. The at-risk communities will be better prepared to develop plans that identify mitigation opportunities and implement mitigation projects that will result in safer communities.

Last updated Jun 3, 2020