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Hood House Floodproofing Project

DURHAM, NH - In October of 1996 the Hood House on the campus of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) at Durham flooded, causing $11,848 in damages. Damages were held to a minimum because of the swift action of the University Building and Grounds personnel. If the event occurred during off hours potential for damage would have exceeded $118,000. In addition, there have been numerous minor flooding incidents at the facility.


The floodproofing project consisted of upgrading a perimeter footing and rain leader drainage system around the building. Previously, a clay tile drainage system in place did not have the proper capacity to carry ground water due to a storm event away from the perimeter of the foundation and basement areas. FEMA Region I partnered with the State of New Hampshire, Local Contractors, UNH Building and Grounds personnel, professors and students to complete the project. The Hood House (which is listed the National Register of Historic Places) is now floodproofed and re-landscaped.


The project was complete in September 1998 and has survived rains and storm events which in the past would have caused flooding. The appurtenant landscaping that was designed by University professors and completed by University students has enhanced the features of this historic structure.

Last updated June 3, 2020