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Home Elevation Works in Skagit County

SKAGIT COUNTY, WA - When Mischke built his rental home a year ago he elevated it a little higher than County regulations demanded. So when the October 20 and 21 flooding came to Skagit County, the home was a safe 5 feet above the floodwaters.


Acting as a general contractor, Mischke elevated his house as County regulations instructed. The 100-year flood level is gauged at 43 feet, and the County insists that new homes be elevated to 44 feet, one foot above flood stage.


Mischke took no chances; he elevated his house 45 feet. And it was a good investment. “My renter has a dry home, and my rental income is uninterrupted,” he said. “Elevation worked as advertised.”


His renter was displaced for a couple of days, but there were no property losses associated with the flood. “Just a little washing after the water receded,” Mischke said. “I’m delighted, and so is my renter.” By going an extra foot, Mischke saved his investment and his renter’s roof.

Last updated June 3, 2020