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City of Keyser Curb and Ditch Project

KEYSER, WV - Continued heavy rains in left the residents of the City of Keyser with frequent damages from excess ground water. The undersized and aged drain system was unable to process the runoff from heavy rains and flooded homes, property, and streets in the area. This resulted in repeated flooding and drain backups, which contributed to the premature deterioration of the system.

This project consists of two components that jointly solved the problem of the undersized storm drain system. The drop inlet and storm drain that empty directly into New Creek were replaced. This action increased the capacity at this location from the normal storm flow, one-year, to a minimum of 25-year flow eliminating most backups and flooding in the immediate area.

The other component of the project called for the replacement of 1,650 feet of storm drain plus the addition of five drop inlets in the area. Completion of this phase will eliminate the frequent system backups and the flooding to houses in the adjacent area.

Last updated June 3, 2020