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NFIP Publications and Outreach Materials for Real Estate Professionals

This page shares links to online materials and publications about the National Flood Insurance Program that may be especially useful to real estate professionals before flood events. There are some Spanish publications on the main NFIP publications page.

Please note, some publications listed on this order form are only available online and can be downloaded.

Before the Flood

Online Flood Insurance Informational Whiteboard Videos
Online (03/18)   Elevation Certificate and Instructions
Online (06/15)   Floodproofing Certificate for Non-Residential Structures
Online (10/17) NFIP State Reference Guide for State Insurance Commissioners and Stakeholders (Guidance document)
F-061 04/18 Your Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flooding (Palm card)
F-696 (08/13) Real Estate Fact Sheet – Help Protect Your Customer’s New Home (online)
F-435 (10/17) Questions and Answers About Flood Insurance for Real Estate Professionals (brochure)
F-436 (10/17) The Preferred Risk Policy for Homeowners and Renters (brochure)
F-437 (06/17)
e Preferred Risk Policy for Businesses (brochure)
F-775 06/09 FEMA Laws and Regulations and the NFIP (document)

F-697 (08/13) Protect Your New Home (online)
F-002 (07/18) Why do I Need Flood Insurance? (brochure)
F-002S (09/18) Por Que Necesito un Seguro Contra Inundacion (Why do I Need Flood Insurance, brochure)

F-029 (04/10)  NFIP Condominium Coverage (online fact sheet)

Order Forms

F-057 (09/18) NFIP Public Awareness Materials Order Form
F-106 (7/14) NFIP Underwriting and Claims Materials Order Form

Additional Resources

Find more information for real estate professionals and lenders.

Forms links to an assortment of forms for use by the general public, industry professionals and government officials interested in: claims adjusting; elevation certificates; submitting a Letter of Map Change (LOMC) request; floodproofing certificates for non-residential structures; ordering public awareness materials; ordering underwriting and claims materials; and getting a flood hazard determination.

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