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More Than $1.9 Million Approved for Laurinburg Housing Authority

Release Date Release Number

May 14, 2020

DR-4393-NC NR 211

Media Contact: 919-825-2514

News Release

More Than $1.9 Million Approved for Laurinburg Housing Authority


RALEIGH, N.C. – The State of North Carolina and FEMA are announcing more than $1.9 million to reimburse Hurricane Florence-related expenses to a Scotland County public housing facility.


The funds reimburse repairs made to the McIntosh Apartments in Laurinburg. Expenses include replacing appliances, bathroom fixtures and structural components at multiple structures damaged during Hurricane Florence-related flooding.


“The City of Laurinburg is extremely pleased to hear of the announcement that the Laurinburg Housing Authority will receive $1.9 million of reimbursable expenses from Hurricane Florence,” said Laurinburg City Manager Charles D. Nichols III.


FEMA has approved a total of more than $2.3 million in Hurricane Florence-related expenses to the Housing Authority of the Town of Laurinburg.


The Public Assistance program provides grants for state and local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations to reimburse the cost of debris removal, emergency protective measures and permanent repair work.


Public Assistance is a cost-sharing program. FEMA reimburses applicants at least 75 percent of eligible costs, and the remaining amount is covered by the state. The federal share is paid directly to the state, which disburses funds to agencies, local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations that incurred costs.


FEMA’s share for this project is more than $1.4 million and the state’s share is more than $476,000.


For more information on North Carolina’s recovery from Hurricane Florence, visit ncdps.gov/Florence and FEMA.gov/Disaster/4393. Follow us on Twitter: @NCEmergency and @FEMARegion4.


FEMA’s mission: Helping people before, during and after disasters.





Last updated May 14, 2020