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FEMA Grants Awarded to Colorado Springs: More than $4.6 million awarded for stream stabilization projects

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December 19, 2018
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DENVER – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced two federal grants for the State of Colorado that will make more than $4.6 million dollars available to the City of Colorado Springs for two separate mitigation projects that will restore severely degraded areas of Douglas Creek and Pine Creek.

The first grant, for $2,612,325, will fund a bank stabilization project along a 1,100-foot stretch of Douglas Creek that eroded during 2013 and 2015 flood events and continues to erode with normal flow events. The proposed project is located on the creek between its confluence with Monument Creek and Interstate 25,  just south of Garden of the Gods Road. Upon completion, this stretch of Douglas Creek will be designed to withstand a
100-year flood event.  It will function as a natural stream corridor, build resilience in future events by restoring floodplain function, and will help downstream by reducing sediment in the Fountain Creek watershed.

The second grant, for $2,005,125, will fund restoration and stabilization along a 1,750 foot section of Pine Creek that has experienced signification erosion and bank failure since the 2013 flood. This project will use natural channel construction to reconnect with the natural floodplain and will utilize an upstream detention pond to be constructed separately by the City. The stabilization of this area will protect adjacent properties that include residential homes, and significantly reduce a heavy sediment load currently impacting downstream areas.

FEMA’s grant represents 75 percent of the total cost for the project; total cost is approximately $3,483,100 for Douglas Creek and approximately $2,673,500 for Pine Creek. The 25 percent match will come from the City.

Funding is provided through FEMA’s Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program, which is designed to assist states, U.S. territories, federally-recognized tribes, and local communities in implementing a sustained pre-disaster natural hazard mitigation program. The goal is to reduce overall risk to the population and structures from future hazard events, while also reducing reliance on federal funding in future disasters. 

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December 19, 2018 - 16:53