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FACT SHEET: How You Can Use Other Needs Assistance to Fix or Replace a Car

Release date: 
November 2, 2018
Release Number: 
R4-DR-4399-FL FS 002

FEMA repair of a storm-damaged vehicle is determined under the Other Needs Assistance program of Individual Assistance. Repairs with a minimum amount of $250 and a maximum of $4,000 may be authorized with receipts. If the vehicle is replaced, up to $4,000 is available with documentation.


  • Damaged vehicle must be owned by applicant or co-applicant (valid registration proves   ownership).
  • Vehicle must have been registered with the state at the time of the disaster.
  • Vehicle must meet minimum state requirements for liability insurance.
  • Applicant must not also own an undamaged vehicle, unless a demonstrated need for two vehicles is shown. (Separate transportation required for work, medical, school or other essential purposes).
  • If applicant is referred to Small Business Administration (SBA), applicant must apply to SBA.
  • Verification that vehicle sustained damage due to Hurricane Michael in one of the designated counties.


If a damaged vehicle is not included in a housing inspection, the following items must be submitted to determine if the owner is eligible for FEMA help to repair or replace the vehicle:

  • Copy of registration valid at the time of the disaster.
  • List of all vehicles owned and a brief description of damage caused by the disaster.
  • Verification of vehicle repair costs by a mechanic, receipt or estimate. This documentation must contain a mechanic’s statement that damage was a result of the disaster.
  • Name of mechanic, company name, address and telephone number.
  • Vehicle insurance policy stating coverage.
  • Insurance settlement or statement.
  • Statement describing why the vehicle is necessary for household’s transportation needs.

Documentation may be submitted at any disaster recovery center, online at, or by mail to FEMA – Individuals & Households Program, National Processing Service Center, P.O. Box 1005, Hyattsville, MD 20782-7055, or by FAX at 800-827-8112, Attention: FEMA Individuals & Households Program. Be sure to write your FEMA registration number and the disaster number (DR-4399) on all the pages.




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November 2, 2018 - 16:17