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FACT SHEET: Debris Removal from Private Property

Release date: 
October 5, 2018
Release Number: 
DR-4393-NC FS 005
  •  FEMA encourages local governments to establish written procedures and guidance for managing debris in an expeditious, efficient and environmentally sound manner.
  •  Debris removal from private property remains the responsibility of the property owner. However, when disaster-related debris presents a threat to public health and safety, a jurisdiction may act to abate the threat and ensure its economic recovery.
  •  For FEMA reimbursement of the costs, private property debris removal requires:
    •  Approval from FEMA before money may be obligated.
    •  Widespread debris that is in the public interest to remove.
    •  Legal authority and processes to remove debris from the right-of-ways and private roads.
    •  Indemnification of the federal government.
    • Documentation and tracking of any insurance payouts to ensure FEMA funds do not duplicate benefits.
  •  Debris removal, collection and disposal methods must comply with federal, state, territorial, tribal and local environmental laws. Jurisdictions must follow health and safety rules and procedures to protect workers and the public.
  •  In general, commercial properties are typically ineligible for debris removal.



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October 5, 2018 - 19:23