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External Affairs Adviser

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March 7, 2018
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After a disaster, FEMA’s Office of External Affairs (EA) is responsible for communicating information to the whole community that will help the public understand how to protect property, mitigate disaster impacts, and successfully recover from the disaster. Once the Interagency Recovery Coordination group has been activated, an External Affairs Adviser is appointed to provide recovery-related information to the public, local and state officials and other stakeholders. The EA Adviser offers guidance to the IRC designed to keep all populations within the community informed as the recovery progresses.
The Adviser coordinates communications within the IRC and with local, state and federal partners. 
The Adviser draws upon the resources of components of External Affairs to support recovery efforts.

  •  The Joint Information Center’s media analysis and social media listening provides situational awareness about recovery issues.
  •  The Speakers Bureau helps coordinate public meetings so local residents and officials have an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to rebuild stronger and more resilient.
  •  The Planning and Products component reviews written products to ensure compliance with FEMA guidelines.
  •  The Intergovernmental Affairs staff contacted local officials and introduced IRC staff.
  •  The Private Sector component provided lists of business organizations and Chambers of Commerce in the affected communities.

The EA Adviser developed a series of fact sheets explaining the role of the Recovery Support Functions and the IRC Advisers supporting the Florida recovery. These fact sheets are posted on FEMA’s Florida Disaster Page in a special IRC section.

Additional information about the impact of Hurricane Irma is available:

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