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Mission Scoping Assessment

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March 1, 2018
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The Mission Scoping Assessment (MSA) is a summary of findings and issues identified by the six Federal Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) supporting the National Disaster Recovery Framework mission in Florida.

The RSFs activated are Community Planning and Capacity Building (CPCB), Economic, Housing, Infrastructure Systems, Natural and Cultural Resources, and Health and Social Services (HSS). Each federal RSF is led by a designated coordinating agency, with assistance from other federal supporting agencies, in conformance with the Recovery Federal Interagency Operations Plan.

The MSA provides a first look at each RSF’s assessment of the impacts of Hurricane Irma, with specific attention to issues facing the state of Florida in developing and managing a recovery strategy. The issues identified in this document will be addressed in more detail, and others added as needed, in the Recovery Support Strategy, which will identify objectives and strategies for how federal agencies can support the state of Florida in its recovery.

The Interagency Recovery Coordination (IRC) operation conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of pre-disaster trends and conditions in Florida which resulted in an MSA. In consultation with the state, each RSF identified findings and issues related to the disaster.

Recovery Support Strategy

The Recovery Support Strategy builds on the findings in the MSA and takes a holistic approach to developing comprehensive strategies for each recovery issue, regardless of which RSF identified them. The RSS is the result of extensive coordination and interaction among federal, state, nongovernmental, and local participants in task forces, working groups, conference calls, and meetings, to minimize duplication of effort and maximize resources for a successful recovery. Some recovery issues are broad in scope and scale, and will likely require the cooperation of agencies at every level and across many sectors.

The RSS is intended to be strategic, looking at the flood recovery process from a very high level. It offers strategies to address recovery issues identified by the state of Florida, the local governments, and its federal partners. The RSS is not intended to be a tactical action or implementation plan because ultimately recovery decisions will be up to the residents of Florida and their state agencies. Rather, this document provides solutions and milestones for federal support that can be considered after the state and communities set their priorities for recovery.

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March 1, 2018 - 10:57