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About $15 Million Continues August 2016 Flood Recovery for Schools

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November 1, 2017
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Total $473 Million Has Reimbursed Louisiana Infrastructure Projects

BATON ROUGE, La. — Approximately $15 million in recent federal disaster funding reimburses local schools affected by the August 2016 floods for repairs, replacing buses and temporary classrooms.                                                                                  

Students and schools in East Baton Rouge and Livingston parishes benefit from the following projects reimbursed by FEMA:

  • The Baker School System has been approved for about $1 million for temporary classroom facilities at Baker Heights Elementary School. The facilities accommodate students at Baker Heights as well as those displaced from Bakersfield Elementary.
  • The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board has been approved for about $5.6 million to replace 114 school buses.
  • Glen Oaks Elementary School in Baton Rouge has been approved for approximately $2.7 million for classroom repairs. FEMA previously approved $1.2 million to reimburse flood damage removal and cleaning expenses.
  • Glen Oaks High School in Baton Rouge has been approved for about $5 million for repairs and temporary classroom facilities. FEMA previously approved $1.6 million for cleaning and debris removal expenses.
  • The Livingston Parish School Board has been approved for about $1.1 million to replace 54 school buses.

To date, FEMA has reimbursed Louisiana schools more than $116 million for disaster-related projects through the Public Assistance program.

The PA program has reimbursed approximately $473 million to local and state government entities as well as certain private nonprofits for August 2016 flood-related expenses. Eligible reimbursement projects include repairing or replacing disaster-damaged facilities and infrastructure, debris removal and emergency response activities.                                                                                                                    

FEMA has a long-term commitment to help Louisiana communities and critical infrastructure recover from the August 2016 floods. The agency continues collaborating with the state on recovery projects with 282 applicants in 26 parishes.

Below is a sample of other flood-related expenses recently reimbursed by FEMA:

  • Ascension Parish has been approved for about $4.1 million to reimburse shelter operations, barricading roads, pumping out floodwater and sandbagging.
  • The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has been approved for approximately $1.8 million to reimburse the cleaning of flood damage at its distribution center.  
  • The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has been approved for nearly $2.4 million to reimburse removing debris from roads in Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa parishes.

Here is a breakdown of reimbursements so far for flood-related projects:

  • Debris Removal: $91 million
  • Emergency Response Actions: $309 million
  • Roads and Bridges: $4.3 million
  • Water Control Facilities: $782,000
  • Public Buildings and Equipment: $53.4 million
  • Public Utilities: $8.3 million
  • Parks and Recreation: $427,000                                                                                                            

FEMA typically reimburses 75 percent of eligible expenses. However, the agency will reimburse applicants 90 percent of eligible expenses given the magnitude of the August 2016 floods.

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