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FEMA Housing Option in Counties with Scarce Rental Resources: Direct Lease

Release date: 
October 30, 2017
Release Number: 
DR-4337-FL FS 021

Hurricane Irma survivors in Collier, Hendry, Lee and Monroe counties whose homes are now uninhabitable may be presented a Direct Lease option.

Direct Lease Program

  • FEMA provides temporary housing units directly to survivors when rental resources are unavailable. Direct lease can be arranged for units in apartments or multi-family residential buildings.
    • Each unit will contain complete facilities for cooking, eating and sanitation;
    • Units will be within reasonable access to community services such as accessible public transportation, schools, fire and emergency services, grocery stores, etc.
  • In a Direct Lease, all utilities, and cable, if provided, are included in the rent.
  • Eligible applicants must demonstrate they are unable to secure a housing resource with the use of financial rental assistance provided by FEMA before being considered for a direct lease unit.

  • Applicants must sign/agree to terms and conditions outlined by FEMA/state and the lease agreement with the landlord.

  • Applicants will be contacted by FEMA if they are deemed eligible for the Direct Lease program.

  • The state, in coordination with FEMA, re-evaluates occupants’ eligibility on a periodic basis, usually monthly, for the entire period of assistance to ensure the occupant continues to meet eligibility requirements, including a demonstrated need for continued assistance.


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January 3, 2018 - 11:58