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Emergency Preparedness for the Holidays

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December 22, 2016
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PHILADELPHIA – To encourage individuals, families, business, communities, and others to prepare for winter weather, FEMA Region III created two holiday themed videos which provide simple, straightforward tips to help you prepare for winter emergencies. Every year, the winter season brings potential snow, ice, and cold temperatures which have an impact on safety, travel, and holiday celebrations. In January 2016, a major blizzard had severe impacts across the Northeast, bringing many communities to a halt as they dug out from the record snowfall. The simple steps outlined in both videos can help individuals and their families to prepare for emergencies of any kind, including winter storms.

The first video was inspired by a popular holiday movie where the use of handheld signs is used to communicate the message of one character’s feelings for another. FEMA Region III created ‘Prepared Actually’ to highlight simple preparedness steps everyone can take, including building a kit of critical supplies such as a first aid kit, planning for future emergencies, and being informed of the risk of potential winter weather. The video is available online at YouTube ( and ( Take steps today to talk about emergency preparedness with your loved ones, including winter safety. Visit for more information.

The second video, ‘Resolve to be Ready,’ looks at timeless New Years’ resolutions and provides 10 simple emergency preparedness resolutions that can help individuals and their families stay safe in a potential emergency, including having a communications plan, safeguarding key documents, and taking care of your pets. Available on YouTube ( and (, this video provides 10 simple resolutions that can help individuals and families be better prepared for future emergencies.

These videos were created to encourage individuals, businesses, families, communities, and others to talk about emergency preparedness and take meaningful steps to be better prepared. “Each winter, hazards such as snow, ice, cold temperatures, or even flooding represent the kind of emergencies that could greatly impact a family or community,” stated FEMA Region III Regional Administrator MaryAnn Tierney. “We created these videos to highlight the importance of being prepared for potential emergencies which can greatly impact travel, celebrations, and our safety.” By taking steps to be prepared for these kind of emergencies, we can celebrate the holidays and stay safe while doing so. For more information, please visit


FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. FEMA Region III’s jurisdiction includes Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.  Stay informed of FEMA’s activities online: videos and podcasts are available at and Follow us on Twitter at

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