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Fact Sheet: FEMA Individual Assistance in the Souris Valley

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June 11, 2012
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Individual Assistance Programs

  • Residents of nine North Dakota counties and one reservation were able to register for individual assistance with FEMA;
  • Statewide 10,286 individuals or households registered for assistance in the IA designated counties;
  • In total, more than $95 million has been provided; $93.4 million for rental assistance or home repair, and $2.1 million in other needs assistance;
    • In the three Souris Valley counties (McHenry, Renville and Ward), there were 8,256 applications, with $89 million for rental assistance or home repair and $2 million for other needs assistance for a total of $91 million;
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) approved $256.4 million in low-interest loans. $212.9 million was approved for individuals and $43.5 million for businesses;
    • In the Souris Valley, SBA approved $240.9 million in low-interest loans. $198.1 million was approved for individuals and $42.8 million for businesses;
  • Disaster Recovery Centers were in 11 communities and received 14,921 separate visits from applicants while in operation
    • DRCs were located in six Souris Valley area communities and received 12,477 visits;
  • SBA Business Recovery Centers in Minot and Bismarck received a total of 2,929 visits;
  • The Disaster Unemployment Assistance program, managed by Job Service North Dakota and funded by FEMA, provided $2.4 million in benefits.
  • $3.3 million was provided to fund crisis counseling grants ;
  • The transitional sheltering assistance program ended 12/26/2011 at a total cost of $3,196,962.94.  This program allowed displaced residents to stay in hotel rooms until more permanent housing became available.

Direct Housing Mission

  • Due to housing shortages because of the economic boom, a direct housing mission was initiated:
    • Group housing site construction totaling $40 million is ongoing by USACE.
    • More than 2000 Temporary Housing Units (THUs) delivered and installed.
  • There are currently 1,471 occupied THUs.
    • DeSour Valley Heights – located in Burlington, this 50-unit site was filled in October. The park is currently housing 44 households.
    • Virgil Workman Village – located just east of Minot, this is comprised of three parks containing 200 homes each. It is currently housing a combined total of 532 households.
    • Recovery Village – located on the northeast edge of Minot, this was the final group site to come online. The site did support nearly 200 homes and is currently housing 47 households.
    • Private Sites – FEMA placed housing units at 1,118 private sites allowing residents to be closer to their damaged homes while making needed repairs. There are currently 635 THU’s still on private sites.
    • Commercial Sites – FEMA leased space and is currently housing 213 households at the following commercial sites: Holiday Village, Gulli’s, Burlington, Jefferson and Gold Nugget.
  • Multiple weather/climate challenges were overcome by completing $13 million in winterization processes, such as: foam insulation, use of heat tape and arctic room shelter construction.
  • The housing mission in Minot is expected to last at least 18 months.
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