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Grassroots Recovery Strategy Moving Forward

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October 21, 2011
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BISMARCK, N.D. – A strategy to shape the long-term future of Minot, Burlington and other communities in the Souris Basin is moving forward with the completion of six community open houses. During these meetings, residents had an opportunity to offer ideas and make suggestions about how they would like their communities to rebound from the recent floods.

More than 500 residents offered over 5,000 comments and ideas on long-term recovery during the initial round of meetings in September. Specific community recovery projects were developed on the basis of that and other community input, and then presented to residents for further review and assessment.

Approximately 300 local residents attended the second round of open houses in October, where they had a chance to vote on which community-identified projects are most important to them.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) long-term community recovery team is working with local recovery committees to analyze the results of those comments and votes and create a draft recovery plan for the Souris Basin that will be made available for review by federal, state and local officials in November. The final Souris Basin Regional Recovery Plan is expected to be available in December.

FEMA is working closely with city, county and state officials, community leaders, chambers of commerce and the local business community to shape the area’s long-term future. In addition to facilitating recovery strategies, FEMA is also helping to identify potential sources of funding to take make these strategies a reality for Souris Basin residents.

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