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DAWG HAUS Offers Lessons in Storm-Proofing

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May 19, 2011
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EDITORS: Video of North Carolina high school students building a DAWG HAUS is posted at DAWG HAUS video  Photographs available for your use are in the FEMA library at Students build DAWG HAUS and FEMA Mitigation expert and teacher If you would like to arrange an interview, please call the News Desk.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Being in the dog house usually means you’re in a bad place, but being in a DAWG HAUS means you’re in a really good place.

DAWG HAUS is an acronym used by structural engineers with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to describe a building that can stand up against high-velocity wind.  The letters mean Disaster Avoidance With Good Home-Attenuating Unionization System. It’s a beefy name that describes a well-muscled way of locking the different parts of a building together with metal connectors, hurricane clips, sill plate anchoring and gable-end bracing. 

On the outside, a strengthened building looks like any other.  Likewise, in the living space there’s no visible difference. You have to look at the building’s framing to see how the metalwork and braces are fastened.

To show the techniques, a pair of dog-sized DAWG HAUSes are touring some of the counties that were hit by April 16 tornadoes.  Safe-rebuilding experts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are demonstrating the bracing techniques to construction students. 

One touring mini-model was built by students at West Johnston County High School using materials donated by a local home improvement store. A second was built by the staff of another home improvement store. FEMA mitigation specialists say the sturdy models provide valuable hands-on knowledge for students learning construction and anyone else who would like to learn how to strengthen a building.

A DAWG HAUS model will be in each of the following locations this weekend:

Friday, May 20, 5-9 p.m.

Acorn Festival

Elementary School

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