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Forthcoming Deadline to File Request for FEMA?s Public Assistance Funds

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November 19, 2010
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ST. THOMAS, USVI -- Governmental and certain private nonprofit entities in the Territory affected by severe storms and flooding caused by Hurricane Earl that are eligible for federal assistance, must submit their Request for Public Assistance (RPA) forms to the Territorial Public Assistance Officer no later than October 28, 2010.

FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Program provides reimbursement for emergency protective measures, debris removal and restoration or replacement of disaster damaged territorial facilities. Eligible applicants are those who are legally responsible for eligible work in the designated disaster area.

Certain private non-profit organizations may also receive assistance. Eligible private non-profits include educational, utility, emergency, medical, rehabilitation, and temporary or permanent custodial care facilities (including those for the aged and disabled), and other facilities that provide services of a governmental nature to the general public.


Q. What is Public Assistance?
A. Public Assistance is a federal disaster recovery program that provides funds to reimburse local, state and certain non-profit organizations for eligible emergency protective measures and debris removal activities taken and related to the disaster, and permanent restoration work.  The PA program is managed and funded up to 75 percent by FEMA.

Q. Who funds the other 25 percent of the costs?
A. The remaining 25 percent is funded by the Territory or the applicant.

Q. Who is eligible?
A. State government agencies and certain private non-profit organizations (PNPs) are those which provide essential governmental-type services to the general public.

Q. What private nonprofit organizations are considered essential?
A. These include educational facilities; utilities; irrigation facilities; emergency facilities that provide fire protection, ambulance and rescue; medical facilities; custodial care facilities; other facilities that provide essential government services and are open to the general public, such as: museums, zoos, performing arts facilities, community centers, homeless centers, senior citizen centers, health and safety services of a governmental nature, among others.

Q. What are the basic eligibility requirements for Public Assistance?
A. Basic eligibility criteria require that work and related costs must:

  • Be a result of the declared event and not a pre-disaster condition.
  • Be located within a designated island eligible for assistance.
  • Be the legal responsibility of an eligible applicant.
  • Not be eligible for assistance under another federal program.

Q. What kinds of work are eligible?
A. Work considered eligible for assistance is classified as either emergency or permanent. Emergency work includes debris removal and other emergency protective measures. Approved debris removal and emergency protective measures must:

  • Eliminate immediate threats to lives, public health and safety.
  • Eliminate immediate threats of significant damage to improved property or through cost-effective measures.
  • Ensure economic recovery of the affected community to the benefit of the community-at-large.

Permanent work includes the repair or replacement of disaster damaged facilities, which includes:

  • Public roads and streets not on the Federal Aid System. This includes drainage structures and safety features.
  • Water control facilities including dams, levees and drainage channels.
  • Buildings such as police and fire stations, libraries and public office buildings. Contents and vehicles are included.
  • Public park and ...
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