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FEMA, Cal EMA approve $105,727 For Siskiyou County Agencies To Aid In Winter Storm Disaster Recovery

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July 20, 2010
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Pasadena, Calif. -- Four Siskiyou County public agencies are being granted $105,727  in Public Assistance (PA) funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) for disaster recovery connected with the severe winter storms that swept the state earlier this year.

The funds will reimburse the cities of Mount Shasta and Weed, Siskiyou County, and the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District for costs associated with emergency response and debris removal connected with the storms.

PA funding is being made available to public agencies in Siskiyou County on a cost-sharing basis after the storms between January 17 and February 6 caused flooding, and debris and mud flows.

FEMA and Cal EMA recognize that the winter storms placed a financial burden on agencies in Siskiyou County responsible for providing services to local residents. The PA reimbursements are intended to reduce the financial strain local agencies feel when dealing with unexpected costs associated with natural disasters.

The City of Weed will receive $38,288, the City of Mount Shasta $32,079, Siskiyou County $29,475, and the parks district $5,882. Each agency is responsible for 6.25 percent of the eligible costs incurred.

Included in reimbursement for the City of Weed is the cost of overtime for police and fire personnel whose duties included checking the welfare of elderly residents and responding to power outages for residents on life support, according to the city's application for funding.

The City of Mount Shasta and the Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District are being reimbursed for the cost of removing fallen tree branches and clearing roadways blocked by toppled trees.

Siskiyou County also is being reimbursed for clearing debris from downed trees and for costs associated with activating its Emergency Operations Center.

Siskiyou County was one of six counties included in President Obama's March 8 disaster declaration requested by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, making it eligible for the federal funding. The other counties included in the declaration are Calaveras, Imperial, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

The $105,727 represents 100 percent of the funding obligated by FEMA and Cal EMA to reimburse eligible agencies in Siskiyou County for emergency services and debris removal. 

FEMA's total share of the funding is $84,582 while Cal EMA is providing $21,145.  Federal and state officials continue to review the eligibility of projects related to the repair and restoration of damaged infrastructure.

Under the PA program, FEMA reimburses successful applicants for 75 percent of their total eligible expenses. In California, Cal EMA pays 18.75 percent of the eligible costs incurred by city and county agencies and special districts, with local agencies picking up the remaining 6.25 percent.

Mount Shasta (City)     Clear roadways of fallen trees.                      $13,938         $10,453       $2,613         $871
Mount Shasta (City)      Cut down damaged 75-foot oak tree.           $1,725          $1,293        ...
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