Fact Sheet: Territory of American Samoa

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September 30, 2009
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HQ-09-112Fact Sheet

(Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/aq.html)

Governor: Governor Togiola Tulafono


  • Name: Pago Pago
  • Time difference: UTC-11 (6 hours behind Washington, DC during Standard Time)


  • Of the 65,628 American Samoans, 91 percent of the population is under 65 years old, with a median age of 23 years.
  • 92% of total population lives in urban areas (2008)

Size and Geography:

  • At 199 square km, the U.S. Territory is slightly larger than Washington DC.
  • American Samoa has 116 km of coastline and claims 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone.
  • Pago Pago has one of the best natural deepwater harbors in the South Pacific Ocean, sheltered by shape from rough seas and protected by peripheral mountains from high winds; strategic location in the South Pacific Ocean.

Quick Facts:

American Samoan(s) (US nationals)Ethnic groups:
Native Pacific islander 91.6%, Asian 2.8%, white 1.1%, mixed 4.2%, other 0.3% (2000 census)

ECONOMY - overview:

American Samoa has a traditional Polynesian economy in which more than 90% of the land is communally owned. Economic activity is strongly linked to the US with which American Samoa conducts most of its commerce. Tuna fishing and tuna processing plants are the backbone of the private sector, with canned tuna the primary export. Transfers from the US Government add substantially to American Samoa's economic well being. Attempts by the government to develop a larger and broader economy are restrained by Samoa's remote location, its limited transportation, and its devastating hurricanes. Tourism is a promising developing sector.

Labor force - by occupation:
agriculture: 34%
industry: 33%
services: 33% (1990)

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